'The Best Stab Vests in the World' Video Demonstration

Irresponsible home-made videos of people stabbing each other, testing sometimes extremely old stab vests have been around for a while now.  In one recent case such mad action resulted in the death of a security guard in the UK.

However this striking demonstration of our UK Home Office certified PPSS KR1 Covert Stab Resistant Vest model was produced within a highly professional environment with paramedics on stand by and following 30+ hours of in-depth pre-tests within some of the leading test laboratories.

This video demonstration takes testing and believing in your own high performance stab resistant vests to a completely new level.

PPSS Stab Resistant Vests - Going beyond simple stab protection!

PPSS Stab Resistant Vests are offering UK Home Office (HOSDB) certified protection from edged weapon, such as knives, glass and broken bottles, as well as hypodermic needles and more importantly also unrivalled blunt trauma protection from impact based assaults such as kicks, punches and blows.  

PPSS Resistant Vests offer impact protection on a completely new level... this is unrivalled, ground-breaking and it is clearly leading the way within the world of personal protective equipment (PPE)!

Robert Kaiser, our CEO is demonstrating his real trust in our ground-breaking stab resistant vests.  How many Managing Directors, CEO's or Senior Managers of body armour manufacturing firms do you know who can talk the talk, but are also willing to walk the walk?"

For us at PPSS Group it is absolutely paramount, it is our absolute key objective to ensure that our customers and friends around the world understand that whatever we design, develop and manufacture is right and good!

Please visit our product page: www.ppss-group.com/stab_vests.html


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