High Visibility Stab Resistant Vests

PPSS Hi Viz Stab Resistant Vests offer exceptional levels of protection form edged weapon, broken bottles, hypodermic needles and blunt force trauma, without making the wearer appear confrontational or aggressive.

PPSS High Visibility Stab Resistant Vests clearly display that this type of body armour does not have to look confrontational, aggressive or authoritative, according to many critics.

Domestic frontline professionals dealing with the sometimes very irritating and intoxicated members of the public should be doing their utmost to express themselves as peaceful ambassadors within their line of work, and high visibility stab resistant vests allow them do exactly that.

They should be able to use their positive personality, diplomacy and negotiation skills to defuse a situation, and certain types of overt body armour can certainly send the wrong signal and make professionals appear like ‘Rambo’ or ‘Robocop’.

Stab resistant vests, disguised as high visibility clothing or PPE seem to be the perfect solution, as they do look ‘innocent’ but offer the much needed protection you might well require if things go out of hand, and ‘physical action’ is needed.

One high visibility stab resistant jacket model designed and manufactured for one of our many public sector clients.

Bespoke high visibility stab resistant jackets with build in body armour panels (identical panels as used for all of our stab resistant vest models) are very practical, especially for those who require protection for only a short period of time, wanting to act as a visual deterrent or those who wish to be identified as ‘Authority’, ‘Enforcement’, or ‘Point of Contact’ during a hostile or crisis situation.

Many security and enforcement professionals, as well as paramedics and emergency medical staff, simply prefer the idea of over body armour as they can easily be taken off when driving or reporting back in the office.  They appreciate the occasional opportunity to unzip the body armour and let the body breath for a few minutes when finding themselves in a clearly safe environment (e.g. their own office).

The only issue is that many senior officers or decision makers are very concerned what impression their staff will make when wearing body armour, and I do understand their concern to a reasonable level.  Some over body armour in some particular situations can look quite aggressive, hence many security and health and safety managers have been looking for ‘peaceful’ or none-aggressive designs.

It is without question, perception is without a doubt one of the most important factors within personal safety and personal protective equipment.  This is why I believe that it is the responsibility of body armour manufacturer to design and develop appropriate looking protective clothing.

Some manufacturers clearly fail to come up with the right goods.  Sometimes they really seem to be unable to understand the real operational risks, threats and duties of security and enforcement professionals face on a daily basis.

Another high visibility stab resistant vest model (Bespoke Tabbard Style) designed and manufactured for one of our many public sector clients.

PPSS high visibility stab resistant vests comply with the European EN 471:2003 high visibility standard and offer UK Home Office certified stab protection, as well as previously unreachable and unmatched protection from blunt trauma and hypodermic needles… another very realistic threat in today’s society.

They are fully machine washable and available in a number of sizes, ranging from XS to 5XL.

We want to help you as much as we possibly can, hence bespoke sizes and designs are available upon special request.

Speak to me team or speak with me… we want to help !

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