Hospital Security Professionals in Urgent Need for Stab Resistant Vests

Hospital Security Professionals are in urgent need for additional protection from hostile members of the public.

Maybe the ever so thorough media coverage of violent incidents within hospital environments have raised awareness of security risks and threats, and the potential need for stab resistant vests for those professionals who protect these facilities and everyone within.

Maybe it is the horrible acts of violence and aggression against physicians, nurses and security professionals by patients and family members that recently has caught our attention.

Whatever the case, the security of hospitals and the welfare of the people within is being assessed with greater concern and in more detail than ever before. Violence in hospitals is on the increase… I certainly believe that based on facts and figures available via the freedom of information act.

Have a look yourself and view the following very recent new snips form around the world:

A major survey has recently highlighted the increase of violence within hospital environments in the U.S. and highlighted three very clear facts and figures:

  • 23 percent of hospitals reported an overall increase in attacks and assaults
  • 34 percent reported a rise in patient and family violence against emergency department staff
  • 29 percent reported an increase in patient and family violence against other staff

Despite the tough financial situation many hospitals are in, nearly half of the hospitals questioned in this survey said their security department’s budget increased in 2011.

PPSS Covert Stab Resistant Vests - offering covert/concealable protection from edged weapon, hypodermic needles and blunt force trauma.

What can be done to combat this level of violence? The most common systems being implemented by hospitals are electronic access control, digital video surveillance and vendor management systems.

However, intensive, efficient and regular conflict management and conflict resolution training, as well as better communication and reporting procedures have also become a major part in every hospitals security team.

Many observers attribute the perceived increase in violence in hospitals to heightened stress faced by patients, family members and staff as increasing numbers of unemployed, uninsured and drug-using people seek care they can’t access elsewhere.  These are factors which are out of the hands of a hospital employee or security officer.  Sometimes it just doesn’t matter how nice, caring and peaceful a professional within a hospital facility is… the matter of fact is that the best camera in the world can’t reach out and stop a bad guy from hitting or stabbing you.  The best policy and the best training will neither stop a potential intoxicated person from overreacting and expressing his feelings with some sort of act of violence.

PPSS High Visibility Overt Stab Resistant Vests - overtly won in order to act as a visual deterrent or for easy 'identification'.

Given the potential for violence, hospital security officials increasingly are preparing for the worst.  Many hospitals have now decided to issue their security teams with covert stab resistant vests and or overtly worn high visibility stab resistant vests in order to reduce workplace violent related injuries and improve the personal safety of their frontline staff.

Stab vests are a safety net… they are not making you invincible and neither are they a free pass for acting like James Bond or Rambo.  Nevertheless they are a safety net, just like a seat belt in your car.  You may never need it… but one day it only takes another idiot to play on his phone, loose concentration, be drunk or something down these lines and crash into your car.  That’s the moment when you will be most grateful that you have been given this seat belt.

I personally know that stab resistant vests have saved many security professional’s lives in the past… we have plenty of reports and personal email suggesting exactly this.

PPSS Stab Resistant Vests are ultra light and thin, and offer UK Home Office certified stab protection + unmatched protection from blunt forced trauma (e.g. from kicks, punches or blows) + outstanding protection from hypodermic needles, a very realistic threat in today’s society.

Please view our following video:

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