Protective Clothing for
Homeland Security Agencies

Bullet Proof Vests

PPSS bullet proof vests are truly outstanding, and made out of only the lightest, thinnest and best modern materials available. Please view our range of high performance bullet proof vests... More

Stab Resistant Vests

PPSS stab vests provide exceptional protection from edged weapon. Made out of ultra lightweight body moulded polycarbonate, our stab vests offer unmatched protection from blunt... More

Cut Resistant Clothing

PPSS high performance cut and slash resistant clothing has been specially designed and developed to effectively help protect homeland security professionals, such as prison and...More

Protective Clothing for Emergency Medical Services

Stab Resistant Vests

PPSS ultra-light stab vests provide emergency medical responder with an exceptionally high level of protection from edged weapon, hypodermic needles and blunt force trauma...More

Lone Worker Safety

Protective Clothing for Mental Health Care Facilities

Bite Resistant Clothing

PPSS bite resistant clothing wil reduce the risk of human teeth penetrating the other person's skin, and subsequently eliminate the risk of infection and cross contamination following a human bite... More