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Material Content

Mesh – 100% Nylon
Panel – 100% LDPE (low density polyethylene)


Available in box of 100pcs only


one size

How easy is it to put on?
Much easier than any other product on the market - no Velcro, no straps.
Is it possible to get it off once someone is handcuffed?
No one has been able to remove one yet.
How many PPSS Anti-Spit Masks are in a box?
100 individually packed and labelled pieces.
Can I buy individual anti-spit masks?
Is vision impaired when wearing the mask?
Is there any discomfort when wearing the mask?
Can eye contact be maintained once the mask has been fitted?
When a person has been spitting and especially if there is blood involved, how easy is it to remove the mask whilst containing any fluid now in the mask?
Follow the visual instructions provided on each packet and this process is simple clean and self-containing.
If a person is hyperventilating will the mask be drawn to the mouth and cause additional panic?
No, if the mask is fitted correctly this will not happen. But, never leave a person unattended whilst wearing the mask.
Are there other colours available?
No, not at the moment as this colour offers the clearest vision for both officers and the person wearing the mask.
Who wears the mask, the officer or the prisoner?
We strongly suggest the combatant or aggressive member of the public will be requested/forced to wear it.



Anti-Spit Masks



PPSS Anti-Spit Masks have been designed to effectively help protect homeland security, police officers and other frontline professionals from infectious diseases transmitted by a person spitting saliva or infected blood.

Spitting has well known serious potential health risks. It is not just the officer that is affected but also their family, as tests and treatment for suspected contagious diseases can last for several months and lead to severe stress and anxiety.

Despite controversy around the use of spit hoods (or spit guards), we are committed to protecting professionals from operational risks. When used correctly, our Anti-Spit Masks are breathable, worn without discomfort, and can be removed without contact with bodily fluids. This ensures our hardworking protectors go home safe at the end of their shift.

Please read our CEO’s article at:

Product Code

  • 700300

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and fast to deploy
  • Developed through intensive field testing
  • Disposable
  • Compact
  • One size fits all
  • Individually packed and labelled
  • Allows you to observe your suspect’s face
  • Excellent visibility
  • Safe, secure and lightweight
  • Available in box of 100pcs only

Who is this product suitable for?

  • Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)
  • Homeland Security Agencies
  • Prison & Corrections Officers
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