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Highly advanced ultra-resilient European ballistic material

Military spec Cordura® 1000D

Ground-breaking temperature controlling Outlast® space technology, making it the ideal choice of armour for hot and humid environments.

Bullet Protection

NIJ Level IIIA (NIJ Std 0101.06) ballistic protection

Protection against full contact shots

Protection from Tokarev Ball 7.62 x 25mm and Makarov 9 x 18mm

Any ballistic plates can be added to provide the desired protection level

Protection against TASER®.

Blunt Trauma Protection

High performance foam layer hugely reduces blunt trauma effect.


S – 6XL



Aerial Density

5.73 kg/m²

Weight of Ballistic Panels



Black – additional colours are available subject to minimum
order quantity.

Place of Manufacture


Replacement Cover


Can this facilitate In-Conjunction (IC) body armour?
Can single or multi-curved plates be worn within the MV2?
Yes, this vest has been designed for the standard 250mm x 300mm plates in forms
I would like to order several OV2 body armours for my security team, can you produce bespoke designs?
Yes, this is possible
Are the covers machine washable?
Yes, at a low temperature wash (40°C), hang dried, preferably inside out



Bullet Resistant Vest – Overt OV2


PPSS Overt Bullet Resistant Vests are currently being worn by Personal Security Details (PSD), Private Military Contractors (PMC) and many globally operating agencies, such as the United Nations and many others. They have successfully saved the lives of many frontline professionals around the world.

Offering not only NIJ Std 0101.06 Level IIIA certified ballistic protection, our overt bullet resistant vests also protect the wearer from full contact shots as required by the FBI and the infamously stringent German Police body armour test protocol. Official test reports are of course available upon special request.

This advanced design has also been successfully tested against a general issue TASER® device, which was recently conducted in a realistic operational setting – with a negative effect on the wearer. The wearer was not incapacitated by the Taser discharge nor suffered any effects of the device.

Please note the ballistic protection can easily be increased by adding NIJ Level III or IV ballistic plates into the 250x300mm front and rear pockets. If you want the same options for protection but a more covert vest, see our MV2 Bullet Resistant Vest.

Additional Information On Overt Bullet Resistant Vests

Please also read our CEO’s blog on: “Understanding The NIJ 0101.06 Standard“, which is of great relevance for over bullet resistant vests.

Here you can find all relevant information on our overt STAB resistant vests.

Product Code

  • 500118

Features & Benefits

  • Bespoke Bullet Resistant Vests
  • Protection against full contact shots
  • Protection against TASER®
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Hard wearing
  • Padded shoulder straps for more comfort
  • 250x300mm front and rear pockets for additional ballistic plates
  • Manufactured under strictly ISO 9001:2008 quality controlled conditions
  • Performance unaffected by moisture
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