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When Two Great Companies Share The Same Passion For Quality & Safety

Written by: Robert Kaiser

Sadly, many security providers keep cutting corners to save cost and/or increase profit margins. In most cases such strategy, policy and behaviour will lead to an inferior customer service.

BUT… then there is always a company and service provider that simply shines by their genuine desire to excel, their transparency, their exceptional training and their operational understanding of the client’s real needs etc.

We are now working with and supply our high-performance stab resistant vests to Carlisle Support Services for several years. For me personally to witness their genuine passion for quality and safety of their public facing frontlines teams is a real pleasure. It is refreshing. It is a breath of fresh air in an industry that has still a long way to go to clean up its act.

Carlisle Support Services are not making any compromises when it comes to the personal safety of their employees.  We have been working very closely with them, ensuring their teams can benefit from the best possible stab resistant vests currently on the market.

I remember well when their ‘body armour journey’ started.  It was in the office of Paul Smiths, Trust Head of Security and Car Parking/LSMS at the Royal Hospital in Wolverhampton.  They were talking about body armour and they decided right then and there that they wanted to look at PPSS Group’s stab resistant vests, simply due to the level of incidents and potential for harm.

Since that day Carlisle Support Services issue their front-line teams with our kit, even though it is potentially a little more expensive. But we all agreed it represents value and supreme safety on which you just can’t put a value. Being totally biased… I personally believe it really is the best on this planet!

Check out these brilliant videos highlighting the truly exceptional performance of our stab resistant vests.  During the production of this video I was subjected to all types of realistic weapons of today’s society, from combat knives, shanks, hypodermic needles and some serious blunt objects:

When chatting with Martin Woollam, Commercial Director – Security & Events (North) it became really clear that it was crucial to him ensure the staff feel invested in and more confident in their jobs. He said:

“When a supplier fights for the best kit for its most valuable asset – its employees and the client buys into it – there is no better feeling. These are the most important sales wins – the ones that make the difference for the people that deliver the service the client want to receive.”

It may sound simple but its true professionals like Paul Smith who say:

“I’m going to keep investing my budget in my front line staff, keeping them safe.”

Stay safe

Robert Kaiser, CEO

PPSS Group


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