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Stab Vests For Hospital Security | The Reality Of Today’s Society

Written by: Robert Kaiser

PPSS Group’s stab vests for hospital security professionals and healthcare security providers offer truly unmatched protection from all types of edged weapon, hypodermic needles and blunt objects. They are exactly what you need when dealing with sometimes frustrated, intoxicated and hostile members of the public.

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They are certified to several different performance standards, ultra light and offer an unlimited lifespan. This means they do not need to be replaced as frequently as Kevlar based mainstream body armour, which degrade subject to exposure to the elements and general wear and tear.

Watch our CEO demonstrating his absolute trust in our stab proof vests. In the following video Robert Kaiser is being subjected to several realistic weapons of today’s society, ranging from combat knives, to shanks, hypodermic needles and blunt objects.

VIDEO | CEO Testing Own Stab Proof Vests

Maybe the ever so thorough media coverage of violent incidents within hospital environments have raised awareness of security risks and threats, and the potential need for stab proof vests for those professionals who protect these facilities and everyone within.

Maybe it is the horrible acts of violence and aggression against physicians, nurses and security professionals by patients, their family members and friends that recently has caught our attention.

Whatever the case, the security of hospitals and the welfare of the people within is being assessed with greater concern and in more detail than ever before. Violence in hospitals is on the increase, and this is a fact established after reviewing information, statistics and data widely available.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS | Why Stab Proof Vests Make Sense

Given the potential for violence, hospital security professional increasingly are preparing for the worst.  Many hospitals have now rightly decided to review their risk assessments and concluded their security teams must be issued with overt stab resistant vests and high visibility stab resistant vests or bespoke stab proof vests in order to reduce workplace violent related injuries and improve the personal safety of their frontline staff.

PPSS Overt Stab Proof VestsPPSS Hi Viz Stab Proof VestsPPSS Stab Proof Vests - Overt Navy BluePPSS Stab Proof Vests - Bespoke Red Security

Over the past few years I have personally advised many senior officials within hospital environment of the importance of ‘patient’s perception’. Many have echoed that overtly worn stab resistant vests can at times be perceived as ‘confrontational’, ‘aggressive’, paramilitary’ and ‘hard security’… something a hospital or health care facility might well be opposed to. We want our officers to appear ‘approachable’, ‘helpful’ and ‘general safety conscious’… and for this very reason we have developed high visibility stab resistant vests.

Stab proof vests are a safety net… they are not making you invincible and neither are they a free pass for acting like James Bond or Rambo.  Nevertheless they are a safety net, just like a seat belt in your car.  You may never need it, but one day… and absolutely regardless of your driving skill and level of awareness and skill… it only takes another idiot to play on his phone, loose concentration, fall asleep, be drunk or something down these lines and crash into your car.  That’s the moment when you will be most grateful that you have been given this seat belt.

About Blunt Force Trauma

“Blunt trauma, blunt injury, non-penetrating trauma or blunt force trauma refers to physical trauma to a body part, either by impact, injury or physical attack. … The term refers to the initial trauma, from which develops more specific types such as contusions, abrasions, lacerations, and/or bone fractures.”

For further information on our stab proof vests please contact PPSS Group on +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or email or visit

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