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PPSS Group’s Plans To Invest In Social Media

Written by: Jim Still

Over the years social media has proven to be invaluable for many businesses around the globe, including us. It has helped us to get to know our audience better and grow our company significantly.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and many others digital platforms are effective ways for us to generate global exposure for our great brand, as well as letting us listen to professionals who often work on the front line and have very particular requirements/expectations in body armour and PPE.

Our Social Media Plans

To do this we know we have to keep producing innovative and stimulating images on a monthly basis, even when sales are strong, we still strive to keep our social media followers engrossed. We want our images to capture the attention of the viewers, and the best way of doing that is by showing them that we don’t just provide armour and PPE for operators and front line professionals, but that we also understand and recognise the environments our customers operate in.

The senior management of PPSS Group is made up of highly trained and qualified professionals with backgrounds in governments, elite military forces, police, prison riot teams and personal protection.  This allows us to understand clearly who would and should wear our high performance stab resistant vestsbullet resistant vests, cell extraction vests, as well as slash resistant clothing. We fully understand the environments they would be worn in and their required levels of protection on an average day, but equally once the threat escalates.

Moving forward we will plan dedicated photo sessions to create some high quality engaging images of our truly outstanding body armour.

Please visit our ‘Social Media Highlights‘ page, which moving on, will feature the very best images we have taken during our monthly photo sessions we conduct with some of the best professional photographers in North Yorkshire.

The following images are just a small selection and have recently been taken at our HQ.

PPSS-MV2-Bullet-Resistant-Body-Armour-LMG PPSS-OV2-Bullet-Resistant-Body-Armour-Pixel-LMG PPSS-OV2-MV2-Bullet-Resistant-Body-Armour-Pixel

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss your body armour needs.

Stay safe


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