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Slash & Cut Resistant Body Armour Base Layer

Written by: Robert Kaiser

PPSS Body Armour Base LayerNumerous security professionals, police officers, prison officers and other homeland security professionals have suffered from cut wounds under their arms and on the sides of the upper body.

No ordinary body armour used by any of the above sectors offers protection in these areas, as commonly used materials would restrict movement and agility.

Many frontline staff by instinct will lift their arms and hands during a potential hostile situation, in order to protect the face and head.  However, we must acknowledge that this action would expose an extremely vulnerable area under your arms. A cut, injuring the auxiliary artery under your arms, can lead to rapid blood loss and even death.

PPSS Body Armour Base Layer - long sleevedOur new slash and cut resistant body armour base layers are made out of Coolmax® and only features our own ultra high cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex® PRO on the entire sleeves part and over the 15cm wide vertical stretch on the sides of the upper body.

Please view our Cut-Tex® PRO Presentation

Cut-Tex® PRO is one of the world’s strongest cut resistant fabric, offering ISO 13997:1999 Blade Cut Resistance Level 5 (the highest possible) and ASTM F-1790 Level 4.  Cut-Tex® PRO also offers the highest possible level of tear and abrasion resistance.

Attacks on frontline professionals are occurring rather frequently in this country. One unprovoked attack on prison officers at Frankland High Security Prison in Durham,UK, last year left one prison officer severely injured after one of his auxiliary arteries was slashed during the incident. He luckily survived.

Security professionals, police and prison officers have long asked for better knife protection than the protection offered by their existing body armour or stab vests. Our job is to offer the best possible protection from the most realistic threats. Leaving the area under your arms unprotected is ignoring the potential dangers a knife, bottle or edged weapon attack represents.

Our new slash and cut resistant body armour base layers are extremely lightweight, comfortable and available from size XS – XXXXL.

They are available with short or long sleeves.

For intellectual property/copyright reasons, Cut-Tex PRO labelled products cannot be sold and delivered to Germany!

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