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Tabard Style | The Non-Confrontational Stab Vest Design

Written by: Robert Kaiser

Many of my firm’s international customers have stated that overtly worn stab vests can at times be perceived as ‘confrontational’, ‘aggressive’, paramilitary’ and ‘hard security’.

As this can without any doubt have its real purpose at the right time and at the right place, in general our customers within facility management, public transport and similar public facing sectors, such as event management and crowd control, have the objective to make their domestic frontline professionals appear more ‘approachable’, ‘helpful’ and ‘general safety conscious’.

Due to their ‘non-confrontational’ design, PPSS Tabard Style Hi Viz Stab Vests have become the first choice of body armour for public facing organisations such as facility management, civil enforcement and public transport, as well as event security and crowd control.

Over the past few years I have been advising Heads of Health & Safety as well as Heads of Operations or Security of the importance of ‘customer perception’.

For example… when visiting Belfast recently we had a long and very interesting conversation with the senior officer of one of the largest public serving organisations in Northern Ireland, a conversation based on simple common sense.  Foreign visitors coming to see for example cities like Belfast are curious of the changes this city has gone through in recent years.  What impression would foreign visitors get when seeing public transport, car parking enforcement and facility management employees running around in black overt tactical body armour with ‘SECURITY’ or ‘ENFORCEMENT’ printed in massive letters on the front and back?

Those who know me understand that I am a strong supporter of ‘hard security’ and ‘disciplined law enforcement’, but also believe that in many instances a more covert approach and a more approachable look can make a real difference between the public’s acceptance of- and cooperation with domestic frontline professionals.

PPSS Security GuardsJust this week we have attended a meeting with one of Europe’s leading facility management firms. Their Director of Security admitted in an ‘off the record’ conversation that they had identified a reasonable risk to their frontline staff, but for ‘brand protection’ and ‘perception’ reasons, their decision over the past year’s has been not to issues any type of body armour to their staff.

May I clarify the legal position here in the UK?

Moving on… during the above highlighted and several similar conversations we have had over the past months we were able to to explain that high visibility clothing on the other side has become a part of today’s society.  We all will know that when your car breaks down… your vehicle recovery man will wear a hi viz vest. The man on the nearby building site or the guy collecting and pushing trolleys at your local supermarket and many other professionals wear hi viz vests without looking ‘confrontational’.

In fact, in many cases we have learned to associate someone wearing hi viz gear with someone who can assist us in a moment of basic distress.

PPSS ‘Tabard Style’ Hi Viz Stab Vests have been designed with all of the above in mind!

I genuinely believe they are the ultimate body armour solution for domestic frontline professionals who operate or serve within an environment where the ‘ballistic/gun threat’ is low but where the risk of having to face potentially hostile, intoxicated or abusive member of the public is ever so real.

They offer exceptional and certified protection from all types of edged weapons, hypodermic needles and more importantly they offer truly unmatched protection from what is statistically the most likely type of injuries one may suffer in most countries: Blunt Force Trauma*

Key Advantages of PPSS Stab Vests:

Please view a video presentation of our COVERT stab resistant vests utilising the identical protective inserts as our new Tabard Style Hi Viz Stab Vests: click here

Should you ever have any questions in reference to stab vests or different type of body armour (subject to your operational risks, threats and duties), then please do not hesitate and contact my team, and in the strictest of confidence we will help you to the very best of our ability.

Please call +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or email or visit:

Take good care of yourself!

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