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PPSS Group Withdraws Outdated Polycarbonate Armour Certification

Written by: Robert Kaiser

As per their mission to protect all front-line professionals from the current risks related to human attacks, while offering the highest level of certified protective equipment, PPSS Group have chosen to withdraw non-transferrable certification (PPSS PC5) for their polycarbonate armour; as seen on the official Police Protective Equipment certification search 

This is following the decision in 2020 to no longer produce polycarbonate armour as it does not offer certified spike protection to meet the growing risks raised by makeshift and opportunistic weaponry.

These weapons include ice picks which are easily accessible online and concealed. PPSS Group also found there were inconsistencies with the manufacture of panels and were unable to continue trading with polycarbonate armour in good conscience.

Therefore, they have developed high-performance carbon fibre vests. These are certified as CAST: KR1 (knife) and SP1 (spike) and, most recently, got the result from VPAM of W5 (blunt force trauma protection of up to 100 Joules). Check their new armour’s certification status using the same search under the reference: PPSS CF-01. This proof of certification is available here.

Review Your Body Armour Certification

‘I urge you to ensure that your polycarbonate body armour is certified using the Police Protective Equipment search, therefore adhering to health and safety legislation. Even if you are purchasing from one of our previous partners or manufacturers’. – CEO of PPSS Group, Robert Kaiser.

He continues; ‘We see this as an essential step in protecting yourself, and frontline officers under your care. At PPSS Group we want you to wear our armour with peace of mind, knowing that you are offered certified protection’.

‘We also urge you to consider whether polycarbonate armour is now meeting the present-day risks met by your front-line officers on the street, and if you are meeting your duty of care by purchasing it.’

Robert Kaiser Discussing Outdated Polycarbonate Body Armour



Learn more about our body armour certifications


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