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About BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing

BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing offers absolutely unmatched protection from human bites.

It is made out of our very own high performance fabric Cut-Tex® PRO and is available direct from our own online shop:

We have already supplied numerous organisations around the world (associated to mental health care, learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, special needs and autism) with our bite resistant clothing and arm guards.

BitePRO® bite resistant clothing helps to prevent human teeth penetrating the other person’s skin – and subsequently eliminates the risk of infection and cross contamination following a human bite.

Why is protection from human bites so important?

  • A skin break increases the risk of infection and makes it necessary to be sure tetanus shots are up-to-date.
  • A skin break is often obvious but can be tough to tell in some cases.
  • Anything that looks like the top layer of skin has come off should be considered a skin break.
  • Wound infection occurs in 9-50% of human bites.
  • Risk of severe infection is particularly high in bite injuries.
  • The average human bite pressure is in the range of 2840 to 4270 psi.
  • The human bite forces range from 55 lbs to 280 lbs… averaging 162 lbs

Please note this type of bite resistant clothing does not stop the potentially painful effect due to the pressure and force being used.

The risk of infection will be reduced or eliminated but the risk of bruising remains. However, bite resistant sleeves or arm guards offering an even higher level of protection from human bites are available too. This type of bite resistant clothing substantially reduces the pain created by pressure and force of the biting person’s jaw. Therefore, the severity of the bruising would be reduced and the pain experienced would be limited.

This particular product is available on our dedicated online shop: view website

BitePRO® | Effective Protection From Human Bites


Effective Protection From Human Bites

BitePRO® is a range of protective clothing and arm guards designed to offer unmatched protection from human bites.

Please visit our online shop:

BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing can effectively help protect mental health care professionals and others working with vulnerable children (such as special educational needs schools).

adults who have challenging behaviour, or indeed with individuals in the care of high secure hospitals or psychiatric clinics.

Our highly acclaimed and very specialist fabric Cut-Tex® PRO prevents teeth from breaking the skin, effectively reducing the risks of serious injury and infection associated with human bites.

We have already offered hundreds of professionals in the above sectors peace of mind, and we will continue providing the best possible support to those in need of protection form human bites.

An expert’s opinion on the protection from human bites

Expert Witness and Specialist Training Provider Joanne Caffrey has over 30 years’ experience advising professionals in custody settings, education, care, and mental health on managing challenging behaviours. In her latest article,

“Dealing with service users who bite, scratch or spit. Foreseeable risk.”, the message is clear: “Staff do not have to accept that it’s their job to be bitten or scratched!”

Ultimately, Joanne comments, “an issue to consider is the price of a civil claim against your company by a staff member who is harmed when the risk was foreseeable, and a range of reasonable control measures were available. Bite resistant clothing is PPE and just one part of your management plan to keep staff safe and offer reliable protection from human bites.”

Please read our CEO’s article on this subject matter, titled: Reports of Human Bites Incidents Leads To Growing Demand For Bite Resistant Clothing

David Watts, Director of Risk and Safety of Priory Group, stated:

“Whilst we are in the fortunate position to only need to use BitePRO® bite resistant clothing occasionally, we can confirm that when it has been used, we have received highly positive feedback from both our workforce and service users. There is no question about it, the use of such protective clothing can and has helped us in the past to prevent serious injuryies”

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