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Cell Extraction Vest

PPSS Cell Extraction Vests are in our professional opinion the most advanced, toughest, most durable and best cell extraction vests out there. This video is highlighting its true performance (physical demo starts @ 02:10 min.)

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group is proving his trust in this body armour… being beaten by an axe, pick axe, bricks, iron bars, batons, needles and shanks.

Please read his blog: click here

This ground-breaking product has been specially designed to protect officers from some of the most hostile, brutal, vicious and irrational human beings on this planet… many of which have taken other human lives in some of the most horrendous manners.

Features & Benefits

• Extremely tough and durable
• Body moulded collar parts provide extensive and complete wrap-around neck protection
• Front opening means full securing of the garment is extremely simple and fast
• The world’s best performance/cost ratio
• Unlimited shelf life
• Weight of around 7kg/16lbs for the complete Cell Extraction Vest
• Comfortably worn – exceptional manoeuvrability
• Includes Molle webbing over the greatest possible area (front and back)

Offering protecting from the following threats:

• Blunt impact weapons – including hammers, clubs, bricks, snooker balls, gym weights
• High impact cutting weapons – including axes and machetes
• Makeshift edged weapons, shanks and razor blades
• Heavy assault, including kicks and punches
• Blunt trauma injury associated with all the above

Who is this product for?

• CERT (Correctional Emergency Response Teams)
• NTRG (National Tactical Response Groups)
• Tactical Support Units
• Prison Riot Teams

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