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BitePRO®: Protecting Healthcare and Education Staff

BitePRO® is specialised in, and dedicated to protecting healthcare and education staff. These professionals frequently face the risk of physical harm through challenging behaviour and patient/visitor violence (PVV). The UK and USA based company has emerged as a pioneering and innovative company, offering a range of protective clothing specifically designed to safeguard healthcare and education professionals from these complex occupational risks. BitePRO®’s comprehensive range includes bite resistant arm guards, a jacket, a hoodie, long johns, leg protectors, and gloves. These garments are crucial for the many tasks requiring close physical contact faced by professionals in these sectors. 

Protecting Healthcare and Education Real-Life Heroes 

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for enhanced safety protocols in healthcare environments, and it is becoming an increasing priority across the US and the UK. Legislative initiatives, such as Texas’ SB240 bill which is mandating Texan healthcare facilities to establish workplace violence prevention plans by September 1, 2024, is spotlighting the calls across the US for better protecting healthcare workers from violence and physical harm. 

Similarly, special education has seen a recent spotlight on safety standards. A case study from BitePRO®’s blog shed light on this issue: a special education facility in the United States faced a fine for failing to provide adequate personal protective equipment for its staff, specifically bite resistant arm sleeves. This action, taken under OSHA citation 1910 Subpart I – Personal Protective Equipment, has greatly highlighted educational institutions’ legal obligations towards safeguarding their staff. The citation followed an incident where an employee suffered a bite on the forearm from a resident, a common risk in special education settings.  


Balancing Safety and Comfort 

At the core of all of our BitePRO® Products is their signature BitePRO® Fabric. The material has been meticulously engineered to offer the highest level of protection against bites, scratches, and pinches. Certified to meet EN 388:2016 standards, BitePRO® Fabric achieves Level 4 ratings for puncture and tear resistance, the highest possible safety mark. This dedication to such high standards ensures that healthcare and education professionals are confident and secure in their protection. 

Protecting healthcare and education staff can be difficult as they may be unaccustomed to wearing protective clothing, BitePRO® prioritises comfort alongside protection. Their protective wear is designed for seamless integration into daily routines with complete ease of movement. This focus on comfort encourages adoption and compliance, allowing workers to perform their duties without hindrance and the breathability of the fabric ensures that wearers remain cool and collected, even in high-pressure situations. The prioritisation of product comfortable protective clothing emphasises BitePRO®’s commitment to both the physical and psychological well-being of those on the front lines of care and education. 

BitePRO® offers more than just protective clothing; they provide a comprehensive solution to a growing concern in healthcare and education. BitePRO® products testify to a belief that safety should never be compromised, regardless of the challenges faced in the workplace. 

The following are our two most popular products:

bite resistant clothing is protecting healthcare and education staffbite resistant arm guards protect healthcare and education staff


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