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Leadership | PPSS Group

Robert Kaiser

Founder & CEO

Robert Kaiser, a German native, founded PPSS Group in 2009 and is a global authority on violence prevention.

Highly respected for his contributions to enhancing safety, he leads his senior management team with passion and dedication. His relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to values like respect and integrity set him apart in the industry.

With expertise in all aspects of violence, Robert is known for his significant impact on improving the security of public-facing professionals worldwide.

Richard Fox

Global Operations Director

With over 30 years of experience in the British Armed Forces, Richard Fox is a seasoned leader with extensive backgrounds in business, defence, and volunteer work.

Richard became part of PPSS Group in 2021 and currently serves as the Global Operations Director. Beyond his operational proficiency, he demonstrates an exceptional understanding of positive people management, regulations, HR functions, quality assurance, and ensuring legal compliance with international standards like ISO 9001:2015.

Colin Mackinnon

Technical Director

Colin Mackinnon joined PPSS Group as Technical Director in 2018, having previously served 27 years in the UK Police in a variety of roles including uniform, Drugs Squads, Firearms, Surveillance, Undercover work, Training, and spent his final 10 years with the Counter Terrorist Unit.

He now utilises his operational experience, extensive knowledge of Criminal and Terrorist activity, Body Armour, and specialist PPE, to best advise clients and senior leaders on the best solution for their workplace.

Jim Still

Business Development Director

Jim joined PPSS Group in 2016 and was appointed as Business Development Director in 2022.

With a background as a former Royal Marine Commando, Jim brings extensive experience from serving in challenging environments, including operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Additionally, he served as a Private Military Contractor in Iraq for the US government.

In his current capacity, Jim spearheads product and business development initiatives, ensuring that PPSS Group always remains ahead of our competition.

Joanna Kaiser

Global Finance Director

Joanna Kaiser, a founding member of PPSS Group, is assuming comprehensive financial oversight.

With over fifteen years of experience, she resumes overall control over the company's financial growth, stability, and security. Given the company's international sales operations, Joanna also oversees all financial and corporate obligations associated with supplying government agencies and customers abroad.