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Overt Body Armour – Blunt Force Demonstration

Overt Body Armour – Blunt Force Demonstration

This is a very brief, yet highly clear demonstration of the exceptional levels of blunt force trauma protection PPSS Group’s Stab Resistant Body Armour offer.

The key objective of a good body armour must be to offer sufficient levels of protection from the most realistic threats and risks you faces whilst on duty.

Although your current body armour might be successful in containing the round fired by a weapon or the knife thrusted at you by a hostile individual, it might not protect you from the impacting energy during other types of assaults, unless it is offering you officially certified protection from this precise risk. The most respected standard for body armour in relation to blunt force trauma protection is Germany’s VPAM (Vereinigung der Prüfstellen für Angriffshemmende Materialien und Konstruktionen) Standard, titled: “Testing of Impact Resistance against Throwing and/or Striking Objects”

PPSS Group’s Stab Resistant Body Armour offer a W5 rating… that is 100 Joules of protection from any impact… and that is truly exceptional and makes our body armour the most dependable out there.

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