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Stab Proof Vests

These striking video demonstration of our stab proof vests offer ‘physical evidence’ in terms of the truly exceptional protection from literally all edged weapons, knives, needles and broken bottles.

Our stab proof vests offer absolutely unrivaled blunt trauma protection from impact based assaults such as kicks, punches and blows, as well as unlimited shelf life.  It simply means they don’t need replacing after 4-5 years like all other mainstream body armour e.g Kevlar based models.

Our CEO Robert Kaiser is demonstrating his real trust in our ground-breaking stab proof vests at many major global security events, such as the International Security Expo in London on 04 December this year (2019).

Another great video we have produced a while ago, featuring our CEO yet again being subjected to all sorts of weapons ranging from knives, expandable batons, machetes, baseball bats, shanks and hypodermic needles. Robert finished the 3 hour test with no injuries sustained or any pain or bruising. He was completely unharmed:

PPSS Group’s truly ground-breaking, high performance stab proof vests vests have been designed and developed to provide the very best levels of protection from today’s most realistic operational risks and threats.

The following is simply superb scientific evidence… utilizing a calibrated test apparatus set at 36 Joules force… part of any official certification process:

The following video is featuring just two stab proof vests we have received from clients who have handed over their CURRENT body armour and compared to a PPSS Stab Proof Vests and tested against a hypodermic needle.

Please read our CEO’s very informative articles:

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