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PPSS Stab Resistant Body Armour

  • Truly ground-breaking, our highly acclaimed and thoroughly field tested stab resistant body armour have been designed to provide the very best levels of protection from edged weapons, spikes, and blunt force trauma. All performance test reports and official certifications are available upon request. – please visit website.

SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing

  • All SlashPRO® garments are made from our own ultra-high cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex® PRO. They offer exceptional levels of cut protection, effectively shielding muscles, ligaments, nerves and key arteries, reducing the risk of rapid blood loss, shock and potential death – please visit website.

BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing

  • BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing protects professionals working with vulnerable children, young people or adults presenting with challenging behaviour. Our specialist fabric prevents injuries from scratching, pinching and it prevents teeth from breaking the wearer’s skin, effectively reducing the risks of serious injury and infections – please visit website.

CutPRO® Cut Resistant Clothing

  • CutPRO® Cut Resistant Clothing has been designed to primarily protect professionals in the flat glass and sheet metal industry from manual handling injuries. All of our products are fully CE/UKCA marked, certified and comply with all European directives, rules and regulations. Tested against the latest international standards we are true leaders in the international ‘wearable cut protection’ market – please visit website.


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