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Our 2024 Catalogue introduces the latest in carbon fibre stab resistant body armour, expertly designed and crafted in Great Britain. Experience the future of safety with our ultra-lightweight, ergonomically designed armour, providing certified advanced protection against knives, spikes, and blunt force trauma.

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Body Armour: Certifications

Our PPSS Stab Vests are designed to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring the highest level of protection for our security professionals. Each vest is rigorously tested and certified, providing you with the confidence to face any challenge:
  • CAST Body Armour Standard : KR1 (Knife Resistance
  • CAST Body Armour Standard : SP1 (Spike Protection)
  • VPAM : W5 (Blunt Force Trauma)

Carbon Fibre: Surpassing Polycarbonate

Experience the next level in body armour technology with PPSS Group’s carbon fibre protection. Outperforming traditional polycarbonate, our carbon fibre body armour offers enhanced stab and spike resistance, combined with a significant reduction in weight and thickness. This advancement means improved safety and comfort for those on the front lines of security.

Stab Vest Features and Benefits

Protective Panel:
3.6mm thin Fortiply, our advanced carbon fibre composite.

Outer Cover:
Extremely durable and of extreme quality our covers are made of PU coated Polyester; featuring our high-tech spacer fabric providing the ultimate level of comfort and allowing cool air to circulate around the body. Fully adjustable hook & loop side and shoulder fastenings Hook & Loop patches front and rear for applying badges 2 x Universal Radio Docks as standard 

1.75kg (based on size ‘Large’)

Care & Maintenance
Panel easily removed to allow for machine washing of outer cover


  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Protects all the vital organs
  • Ergonomically cast for comfort and fit
  • Redesigned for quick donning
  • Will not degrade unlike other body armour
  • Improved, advanced materials that will withstand
    impact from today’s realistic threats
Black Stab Vests UK

Questions or Assistance? We're here to help

If you have any questions or would like to inquire further about PPSS Group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’re here to assist you in finding the best solutions for your safety needs.