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Highly advanced ultra-resilient European ballistic material

100% wool

Ground-breaking temperature controlling Outlast® space technology, making it the ideal choice of armour for hot and humid environments.

Bullet Protection

NIJ Level IIIA (NIJ Std 0101.06) ballistic protection

Protection against full contact shots

Protection from Tokarev Ball 7.62 x 25mm and Makarov 9 x 18mm

Excellent protection against more aggressive handgun ammunition

Protection against TASER®.

Blunt Trauma Protection

High performance foam layer hugely reduces blunt trauma effect.

Protective Area



S – 6XL





Aerial Density

5.73 kg/m²

Weight of Ballistic Panels




Place of Manufacture


Replacement Cove


If worn under a suit jacket, does the EV2 look like a normal waist coat?
Yes you would fit in, in any formal function or day to day with a suit wearing the EV2
Are the buttons functional?
The buttons are cosmetic for a realistic look
Does the EV2 have exactly the same level of protection as the CV2?
Yes it does
Are the covers machine washable?
Yes, at a low temperature wash (40°C), hang dried, preferably inside out



Bullet Resistant Vest – Executive EV2

Our EV2 ‘Executive Style’ Bullet Resistant Vests are currently the number one choice of many Diplomatic Protection Teams, Personal Security Details (PSD) and Principals and Dignitaries alike.

Made of the best available, they certainly look extremely smart and are widely regarded as the most concealable type of body armour.

Offering not only NIJ Std 0101.06 Level IIIA certified ballistic protection, they also protect the wearer from full contact shots as required by the FBI and the infamously stringent German Police body armour test protocol. Official test reports are of course available upon special request.

Please view all detailed technical specifications below, but if you are looking for lightweight high performance bullet resistant vests you can truly depend on, then this is the one for you.

Product Code

  • 500117

Features & benefits

  • Protection against full contact shots
  • Protection against TASER®
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Smart and stylish
  • Manufactured under strictly ISO 9001:2008 quality controlled conditions
  • Performance unaffected by moisture

Who is this product suitable for?


  • Executive/Diplomatic Protection Professionals
  • Other frontline professionals who need to look smart and stylish


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