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Stab and Spike Resistant Vests | KR1 & SP1 | Blunt Force Protection

Our high performance stab and spike resistant vests, proudly made in the UK, provide outstanding defence against knives, machetes, meat cleavers, shanks, spikes, and blunt objects. Watch our demonstration video to witness their impressive capabilities.

Choose from a range of colour options for our overt stab vests, allowing your team to not only stay safe but also represent your company’s identity. Our vests are backed by a 10-Year Guarantee for added peace of mind.

Explore both covert and overt options below and elevate your team’s safety and protection with our KR1, SP1 and Blunt Force Protection Certified stab and spike resistant vests.

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View our range of Stab Vests below:

PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests - Navy Blue

Navy Blue

PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests - Black


PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests - Hi-Vis Overt

Hi-Vis Yellow

PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests - Overt Gif

Bespoke Options

PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests - Reflective Hi-Vis

Reflective Hi-Vis
EN ISO 20471

Reflective Navy Blue
EN ISO 17353

PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests - Reflective Black

Reflective Black
EN ISO 17353

Two Tone Options

PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests - Covert Black

Covert Black

PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests - Covert White

Covert White

tac:life IFAB AED Kit
AED & Bleed Kit

Body Armour Certifications

Our PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests are designed to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring the highest level of protection for our security professionals. Each vest is rigorously examined and certified, providing you with the utmost confidence in your protection from realistic threats.

CAST Body Armour Standard:
• KR1 (Knife Resistance) View Certificate
• SP1 (Spike Protection) View Certificate

VPAM Body Armour Standard:
• W5 (Blunt Force Trauma) View Certificate

NIJ Standard 0115.00 Certification:
• Threat Level 1 – Spike View Certificate
• Threat Level 1 – Edged Blade View Certificate

Carbon Fibre: Surpassing Polycarbonate and Kevlar

Experience the next level in body armour technology with PPSS Group’s carbon fibre protection. Surpassing traditional polycarbonate and Kevlar, our carbon fibre body armour offers enhanced stab and spike resistance, along with a significant reduction in weight and thickness. This advancement translates to improved safety and comfort for those on the front lines of security.

Kevlar Disadvantages

• Degradation Over Time: Kevlar is known to degrade when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, moisture, and chemicals. This can diminish its effectiveness over time and necessitate frequent replacements. Unlike our carbon fibre stab vests, which come with a 10-year guarantee.

• Relatively Heavy: In comparison to our carbon fibre body armour, Kevlar has a higher density, making it relatively heavier for similar levels of protection. This additional weight can lead to fatigue and discomfort during extended use.

• Limited Spike Protection: While Kevlar is effective against sharp-edged weapons like knives, it may have limitations in safeguarding against spike-like threats, such as needles or ice picks. Our SP1 Certified Stab Vests, on the other hand, excel in this regard.

Polycarbonate Disadvantages

• Limited Spike Resistance: Polycarbonate, despite its lightweight and impact resistant nature, does not provide the same level of blunt force and spike resistance as our carbon fibre. It may be more susceptible to puncture threats.

• Limited Impact Protection: No polycarbonate armour has certified blunt force protection. However, our Carbon Fibre Body Armour has been tested by the superior blunt force protection levels of the German VPAM standards, achieving the maximum W5 level.

• Less Durability: Polycarbonate can be prone to scratching and surface damage, reducing its durability and optical clarity over time. This can adversely affect its long-term performance and appearance.

• Bulkier Design: Polycarbonate panels may be thicker and bulkier compared to our 3.6mm carbon fibre panels, making body armour using polycarbonate less discreet and potentially less comfortable for wearers.

Overt and Covert Stab Vests

Protective Panel:
3.6mm thin Fortiply, our advanced carbon fibre composite.

Outer Cover:
Extremely durable and of exceptional quality, our covers are made of PU coated Polyester; featuring our high-tech spacer fabric providing the ultimate level of comfort and allowing cool air to circulate around the

Fully adjustable side and shoulder fastenings, hook and loop patches front and rear for applying badges, 2 x Universal Radio/Camera Docks as standard.

Fully adjustable side and shoulder fastenings. Minimalistic design to allow for covert use without protrusions whilst maintaining maximum appropriate levels of protection.

1.7kg (based on size ‘Large’).

Care & Maintenance:
Panel easily removed to allow for machine washing of outer cover.

Key Specifications


• Thickness: 3.6mm carbon fibre composite.

• Weight: 1.7kg (based on size ‘Large’).

• Lightweight and Thin Design.

• KR1/SP1/Blunt Force Protection Certified.

• 10-Year Guarantee.

• Quick Donning Capability.


You can also view our sizing guide here

PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests - Navy Blue
PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests - Covert Black
PPSS Stab and Spike Resistant Vests - Reflective Hi-Vis
UKAS Certification

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