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Stab Vests KR1/SP1


Made in Britain, our high performance stab vests armour offer exceptional levels of protection from all types of knives, machetes, meat cleavers, shanks, spikes, and blunt objects (impact). You may already have seen some of our exciting videos demonstrating the incredible capability.

Stab Vests you can depend on

Knowing our stab vests are officially certified against the most realistic threats, such as knives (CAST KR1), spikes (CAST SP1) as well as hypodermic needles and more importantly blunt force and impact (VPAM W5), you can truly depend on them.

Being punched, kicked or hit by a blunt object is indeed a very realistic risk many security professional face on a daily basis. Be assured our stab vests offer you exceptional level of protection from this very threat.

Subject to your specific operational duties, risks and threats, or simply your design preferences, please chose from one of our currently available designs: