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PPSS Stab Vests offer dependable, operationally sound and thoroughly field-tested levels of protection from today’s most realistic risks and threats.

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Made from a high-performance carbon fibre composite, our stab vests are designed to provide you with internationally certified levels of stab, (CAST KR1) spike (CAST SP1), and impact/blunt force protection (VPAM W5).

Blunt force trauma injuries are typically associated to kicks, punches or blows from any type of blunt object. It is the by far most likely type of assault a homeland security or private security professional will suffer from.

PPSS Stab Vests | Blunt Force Video

Although your current bullet resistant vests might be successful in containing the round fired by a weapon, or your stab vests might be able stop the knife thrusted at you, they might not protect you from the impacting energy during a more ‘street attack’ assault, unless it is offering you officially certified protection from this precise risk. The most respected standard for body armour in relation to blunt force trauma protection is Germany’s VPAM (Vereinigung der Prüfstellen für Angriffshemmende Materialien und Konstruktionen) Standard, titled: “Testing of Impact Resistance against Throwing and/or Striking Objects”.

Full Product Video

Please view our product video, featuring our CEO demonstrating the exceptional performance of our stab vests.

Between 01 February and 31 March 2022 PPSS Group conducted an international survey, consulting more than 700 security professionals from countries around the world.  We published our detailed report on stab vests with the key objective of improving the safety of all security professionals.

“Through this highly informative survey and whitepaper, with the kind help of all participants, and with the experience and knowledge they have shared, we will be able to better protect everyone charged with the security of our infrastructure, events, buildings, and citizens.”

Robert Kaiser, CEO

PPSS Group