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PPSS Stab Vests Body Armour – Live Demo

PPSS Stab Vests Body Armour are made from an ultra high performance carbon fibre composite, offering fully certified, operationally sound and thoroughly field tested levels of protection from edged weapons. This video is real physical evidence on how effective, reliable and awesome they are.

Our ‘new generation’ stab vests body armour are truly ground-breaking. They have been designed to provide you with internationally certified levels of stab, spike, needle and impact protection from knives, machetes, meat cleavers, shanks, hypodermic needles and blunt objects.

Carbon fibre offers far superior levels of stab protection alongside substantial weight reduction and reduced thickness, and finally fully certified spike protection and impact protection too… at an even better price. The reason why we have decided to create a ‘new generation’ of stab vests body armour lies in the recent changes of today’s society. Looking especially at Western Europe and many other regions, we have to accept that religious extremism, terrorism, social deprivation, immigration and a general breakdown in society have all contributed to the increasing number of edged weapons being carried, but also the types of edged weapons actually being used.

Today we see truly evil people walking the streets, carrying ‘Samurai’ swords, meat cleavers and machetes with 60cm (24”) long blades, brutally chopping people into pieces in rage or driven by extremism, often committing multiple homicide or mass murder in the process. 


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