Protecting Frontline Professionals from Human Threat

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The world's toughest stab resistant vests, supplied to prison services, paramedics, security & civil enforcement.

Stab Resistant Vests
Stab Resistant VestsButton
  • Unmatched protection from blunt force trauma
  • Extreme protection from hypodermic needles
  • UK Home Office certified
  • Ultra-light (2.3kg)
  • Ultra-thin (5mm)

The world's lightest and thinnest bullet resistant vest, mainly supplied to Personal Protection SpecialistS (PPS).

Stab Resistant Vests
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  • NIJ Level IIIA+ certified
  • + Protection from Eastern European Handguns
  • Superb comfort in hot and humid environments
  • Ultra-light (1.65kg)
  • Ultra-thin (6.5mm)
New Model

Designed and manufactured to effectively help protect frontline professionals from cut injuries (laceration).

Stab Resistant Vests
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  • Highest level of cut protection
  • Machine washable
  • Protecting key arteries from cuts
  • Comfortable direct on skin
  • Can be worn underneath uniform
Bite Resistant Clothing will greatly reduce the risk of infection & cross contamination following a human bite.
Stab Resistant Vests
Bite Resistant Clothing Button
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Machine washable
  • 100% free of Latex
  • Comfortable direct on skin
  • Can be worn underneath uniform

Anti-Spit Masks are a simple yet highly effective tool, drastically reducing the risk of infection e.g. Hepatitis.

Stab Resistant Vests
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  • Assured operational confidence
  • Prohibits spitting
  • Reduces the risk of infection e.g. Hepatitis C
  • No risk of suffocation
  • Individually packed and disposable

Cut-Tex® PRO is a truly outstanding slash resistant fabric, ideally integrated into uniforms and tactical apparel.

Stab Resistant Vests
Cut & Slash Resistant Fabric Button
  • 27.8 Newton of Cut Resistance
  • 2,580 Grams/Force of Cut Resistance
  • EN 388 Blade Cut Resistance Level 5
  • Machine washable
  • Available in individual rolls of 40sqm