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PPSS Stab Resistant Vests

PPSS Stab Resistant Vests are a highly functional solution to individuals who require reliable protection from edged weapons in their chosen vocation.

Truly ground-breaking, our high performance stab resistant vests have been designed and developed to provide the very best levels of protection from edged weapons and hypodermic needles. However the key advantage of our body armour is the incredible level of protection from blunt force trauma injuries, often the result following a kick, punch or blow from any type of blunt object.

  • Key Advantages
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Review
  • Unlimited shelf life (compared to 3-5 years life span of Kevlar® made body armour)
  • Outstanding protection from blunt force trauma (usually suffered following a kick, punch or blow from a blunt object)
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ultra-thin
  • Home Office (HOSDB) certified

What is the shelf life of PPSS Stab Resistant Vests?

Technically unlimited. There is no physical evidence in place that even suggests that our high performance polycarbonate deteriorated before or even after ten years. This is a massive advantage over all Kevlar® based body armour, due to that material's limited shelf life of 3-5 years (subject to exposure to UV light and moisture).

Why are PPSS Stab Resistant Vests rigid?

We have specifically designed our high performance stab resistant vests to achieve the highest levels of protection from blunt force trauma injuries. Based on more than 50+ years of combined operational frontline experience here in the UK and worldwide we 100% understand that blunt force trauma injuries are the most common injuries on homeland security professionals. An enforcement officer is more likely to be punched, kicked or hit by a blunt object, rather than being stabbed to death.

Do PPSS Stab Resistant Vests offer protection from hypodermic needles?

Yes, the highest level possible. Due to the fact that our body armour is made out of high performance polycarbonate, it cannot be penetrated by even the toughest hypodermic needles, in comparison to Kevlar® based stab resistant vests.

Are PPSS Stab Resistant Vests comfortable to wear?

Yes indeed they are! They will perform like a second layer of skin. Our stab resistant vests will move with you in any direction. You can kneel down, defend yourself, control & restrain an attacker and walk around freely.

PPE unfortunately in this day and age is a required necessity to protect our workforce in a busy city centre hospital.

As our 'Kevlar' stab jackets were coming to the end of their four year life span (Kevlar deteriorates with age and heat) Bob Chestnutt, security manager for Sodexo at Central Manchester Hospital carried out some research on other options available.

PPSS provide a bespoke service at a very competitive price, they were very engaging and listened to our needs, even designing the cover to include 'Guard tour' pipe pocket, body worn video bracket, extra zipped pockets for gloves and extra radio loops.

Bob purchased these new stab vests and has listed some benefits below:

• Half the weight of a Kevlar jacket due to the panels being the same material as police riot shields

• No deterioration - just replace the cover as it wears out

• Great blunt force trauma protection the design spreads the blow - one of our officers had a metal chair thrown at him, hit his chest plate and bounced off - no injury

• More comfortable and although the plates are inflexible the officers state they are better all round over a 12 hour shift

• The colour was chosen for this site because the client wanted the officers to stand out; however PPSS can supply a colour range to your needs

• The badges are removable for washing

• All Velcro is covered and hidden leading to a smoother look

With 50 officers to provide protection at the hospital and for a saving of over £12,000 every four years to replace the Kevlar stock, it was an easy decision to make for Bob.

Simon Pears, Global Security Director, Sodexo

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PPSS Stab Resistant Vest video demonstration

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