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BitePRO® Survey Confirms Many Professionals At Risk Of Being Bitten

Written by: Robert Kaiser

The result of an international web-based survey, conducted by British bite resistant clothing manufacturer BitePRO, is highlighting the risk of human bites injuries in the workplace.

One hundred and seventy individuals from nine countries completed the survey, representing sectors, such as mental health care, special educational needs schools and nursing care.

The objective of the study was to quantify customer feedback, social media comments and industry knowledge about the real risk of human bite injuries in the workplace. The result was truly astonishing.

95% of the respondents confirmed they had experience of dealing with biting, scratching or pinching in the workplace, and 89% had personally been bitten, scratched, pinched at work.


94% of respondents agreed that reducing the number of meltdowns that an individual suffers reduces the need for restraint. This figure was to be expected, but it really is worth noticing, as any restrain is significantly increasing the risk of being bitten.

BitePRO Senior Consultant Rachel Riding authored a full report on this survey, also exploring further the subject of ‘restrain’.

Questioning the participants on their experience of using bite resistant clothing, 83% of those agreed that since wearing bite resistant clothing the number of incidents had been reduced at their site.


A rather sad fact is that over 50% of those completing the survey had to seek medical attention because of a bite injury sustained in the workplace, highlighting their need for better protection.

77% of those who have completed the survey stated they have suffered psychological distress from having been bitten by another human. Some even claimed long term psychological consequences.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of BitePRO states:

“No one should go to work and get injured. I completely accept that accidents happen, but more must be done to protect professionals who face the risk of human bites.”

BitePRO Senior Consultant Rachel Riding comments:

“What shocked me is the fact that over 98% of the respondents agreed that the general public do not realise that being bitten at work is a genuine risk faced by many professionals.”


Human bite wounds may not seem dangerous, but the risk of infection is high. These wounds contain very high levels of bacteria. Even though the wound may appear minor, an infection can lead to a severe joint infection and transmissions of viruses, such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV are as well a real possibility. About one third of all hand infections are caused by human bite wounds.

For further information please contact BitePRO directly.

About BitePRO®

BitePRO® is an international firm specialised in the design and supply of bite resistant arm guards and clothing, offering wearable and dependable protection from human bites. Social media presence: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

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