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Theft-Proof Fashion Design to Beat Post-Lockdown Crime

Written by: Robert Kaiser

We want to prepare the UK for whatever happens next after lockdown lifts, by working with British fashion designers to create theft-proof bags from Cut-Tex® PRO.

As lockdown ends, the management team and I have concerns about crime. As security services and armed forces professionals, we believe that protection from personal theft could become essential. You should prepare by swapping your regular bag with a theft-proof bag, made of cut-resistant materials.

I want to see more of these bags in the market; made of globally trusted cut-resistant materials, while being fashionable enough for everyday wear. We already have seen great success in slash resistant clothing, which I demonstrate below:

Recession and Rising Theft

They say that history often repeats itself. If so, there could be rising cases of theft following lockdown.

The 2009 Recession

Looking back at the 2009 recession: in 2008 unemployment rates were at 5%. But by the end of 2011, almost 2.7 million people were unemployed and the quarterly unemployment rate reached 8.4%.

As unemployment increased, there was a 25% surge in personal thefts according to first set of official quarterly crime figures in 2009. Worryingly, robberies at knifepoint also went up by 5%.

Based on these statistics, it’s easy to draw comparisons between large employment losses and rising thefts.

The Covid-19 Pandemic

When comparing February 2020 with February 2021, there are now over 693,000 fewer people in employment, with unemployment at 5%. With furlough ending in September, this figure could be set to rise.

Crime during lockdown has been led by scams, cyber security attacks and multiple cases of fraud. Out on the street, there have been riots and protests, as well as a surge in dog thefts to meet demand for lockdown pets.

With growing social unrest, it could only be a matter of time before there are more thefts.

Stay Theft-Proof After Lockdown

We’re heading back out into the new normal and could be facing a perfect storm of partying and opportunistic crime.

However, we want you to celebrate with confidence, protecting your belongings in a theft-proof bag you can trust.

Are you a fashion designer and would like to create theft-proof bags from Cut-Tex® PRO? Please contact

Stay safe out there.

Robert Kaiser, CEO


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