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Suicide Prevention Clothing: BitePRO® Launches STRONGTEX

Written by: Ethan Blin

STRONGTEX Anti Ligature Clothing

In response to the critical need for secure and comfortable attire in high-risk self-harm environments, BitePRO®, a leading subsidiary of PPSS Group, introduces STRONGTEX – an innovative line of suicide prevention clothing designed to meet the highest safety standards in psychiatric care, detention centres, and environments where self-harm is a concern. 

STRONGTEX emerges as a solution to the urgent demand for secure and comfortable clothing in environments prone to high-risk self-harm incidents. Under the leadership of CEO Robert Kaiser and Director of Business Development Jim Still, STRONGTEX anti-ligature clothing places paramount importance on wearer safety and well-being.

STRONGTEX Suicide Prevention Fabric

Crafted with advanced fabric technology, STRONGTEX garments boast exceptional durability and structural strength. The intricately woven fabric resists tearing and unravelling, ensuring longevity and preventing garments from being misused. 

Additionally, STRONGTEX places a strong emphasis on wearer comfort, recognising the profound impact of comfort in high-stress environments, each garment is designed to promote comfort and familiarity, allowing STRONGTEX to aid the wearer in their recovery journey. 

The launch of STRONGTEX highlights BitePRO®’s commitment to suicide prevention and safety enhancement in healthcare and custodial settings. Washable at 71C (160F) and has been rigorously tested against international standards such as ISO 13937, which asses the tear properties of fabrics. STRONGTEX sets a new benchmark in anti-ligature clothing. 

As we progress, BitePRO® remains dedicated to refining the STRONGTEX anti-ligature clothing collection by introducing tailored options and broadening offerings to encompass anti-ligature bedding, alongside exploring new fabric colours and garment design enhancements.  

STRONGTEX Suicide Prevention Clothing

For enquiries regarding STRONGTEX suicide prevention clothing and BitePRO®’s extensive range of protective solutions, please click the button below. 


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