Should Stab Resistant Vests Become Standard Equipment For University Security Guards?

PPSS Overt Stab Resistant Vests

PPSS Overt Stab Resistant Vests offer truly outstanding protection from blunt force trauma related injuries, often the result of a punch, kick or blow of a blunt object.

Stab Resistant Vests have become an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for many frontline professionals.

With a noticeable increase of young people moving away from home and beginning life on campus, university security guards are absolutely essential in order to ensure the personal safety and protection of our students.

The question I would like to explore very briefly is why should University Guards be issued with stab resistant vests?

To start with it really is worth pointing out that assaults on university security officers do happen. It certainly is not anything I make up in order to boost our body armour sales.  I think anyone who knows me a little will understand this.

For example…one security guard was stabbed several times whilst trying to apprehend three trouble making teenagers on the campus grounds of Leeds Metropolitan University in 2008. Following this event one security guard made a very serious comment when confirming concerns about equipment levels and said that it was as a result of a similar incident that stab resistant vests had been issued to security officers at Leeds University.” Yorkshire Evening Post, 3 October 2010.

On 9 February 2012 the Warrington Guardian highlighted an incident in which a university security guard found himself dealing with knife-wielding burglar Anthony Web who was subsequently send to prison.

On 28th April 2012 the Hull Daily Mail reported about two brothers who kicked and stamped on a security guard after he caught them breaking into a university building and also were subsequently send to prison.

We need to understand one of the main roles of a security guard is to question the presence of strangers within the university campus/complex and conduct night patrols. With most university towns also having an active night life the presence of intoxicated students is reality.

Their job is also to secure the buildings.  Buildings that often harbour multi millions of pounds worth of technical and scientific equipment, which may well be of great interest to members of the criminal community, and I believe these individuals will be willing to ‘cross a few lines’ in order to avoid identification or arrest. They may not assault an university security guard with the direct intention to hurt or even kill… but with one clear goal in mind… their successful getaway!

For these reasons I think it is rather sensible to acknowledge that security guards patrolling university campuses put themselves at risk when going about their daily duties. This ‘higher risk level’ especially within some direct face to face interactions, usually justifies or requires dedicated conflict management training as well as personal protective equipment in the form of stab resistant vests offering also good levels of protection form blunt force trauma injuries.  Blunt force trauma injuries are usually the result when being punched, kicked or when individuals hit you with a blunt object or throw things at you. This type of injury is a) more common than an edged weapon attack, and b) can just be as severe or damaging than an edged weapon attack.

Several University Security Managers have been enquiring as to the use of stab resistant vests within their line of work due and subsequently issued their frontline staff with such type of equipment. In my opinion they have done the right thing, they taken precautionary steps, rather than being reactive and waiting for an incident to happen and then having to deal with the operational, emotional and legal nightmare they may well face after such incident.

Due to a general increase in anti-social behaviour and lack of respect in today’s society PPSS Group have developed a new type of stab resistant vests for security guards, which protects the ribs, spine and all vital organs not only from knife and needle attacks but from blunt force trauma generated by a punch, kick or blow by a blunt instrument. Our equipment is of course certified by the Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) and are available in covert, overt or hi viz overt models.

PPSS Hi Viz Overt Stab Resistant Vests have become the university security’s first choice of body armour as they also create an image of ‘being approachable’.

PPSS ultra lightweight Hi Viz Overt Stab Resistant Vests have become the university security’s first choice of body armour as they also create an image of ‘being approachable’.

If you would like more information on this topic please call +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or email or visit

PPSS Group is a UK based manufacturer of certified bullet resistant vestsstab resistant vests and the company behind a range of cut and slash resistant garments made out of 100% Cut-Tex® PRO. This ground-breaking fabric is the world’s strongest cut resistant fabric and is now used to manufacture slash resistant clothing for police, military, emergency services, prisons and private security professionals all over the world.

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Body Armour – Why?

PPSS Stab Resistant Vest

PPSS Overt Stab Resistant Vests offer truly outstanding protection from blunt force trauma related injuries, often the result of a punch, kick or blow of a blunt object.

In an ever changing world, where a lack of respect and lack of discipline are the order of the day, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as bullet resistant vests or stab resistant vests and similar types of body armour have become an essential piece of equipment for many security and other domestic frontline professionals.

We all need to understand that a lack of adequate safety measures can put an individual at unnecessary risk, and cause unacceptable injury or harm… that’s a matter of fact and equally of relevance to those professionals protecting us from foreign threats from/in hostile countries far away, just as much as to those professionals engaging with dangerous members of the public just around the corner from where we might live.

We may prefer to close our eyes and not accept reality, but body armour have regrettably become a real necessity within a number of homeland security agencies and even domestic frontline professions.

The United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Laboratory conducted a number of case studies about 10 years ago, and approached over 400 organisations of various sizes and across a range of different occupations.

Detailed questionnaires were sent and interviews were conducted with the selected organisations and the information which they provided formed the basis of these widely respected case studies. The outcome is of great relevance to the question: ‘Body Armour – Why?’

Highlighted Risk Areas

  • Visiting people in their home or office to enforce laws and regulations, police the system or being the bearer of bad news increases the level of risk and subsequently the need for body armour or stab resistant vests.
  • Certain geographical areas or trouble spots are high risk, such as poor or run down council estates or high crime level areas.
  • Dealing with certain high risk individuals, such as potentially violent or aggressive members of the public, drug users or dealers.
  • Dealing with extremely frustrated and disappointed customers (e.g. customers extremely unhappy with the service your or your partner organisation has provided)
  • Evicting people from their home.
  • Dealing with individuals expressing extreme religious or political views.
  • Securing or protecting property, events or people is a professional responsibility that certainly warrants the need for body armour or stab vests.
  • Enforcing the law

Any of the above points should in itself be reason enough to at least consider the issue of body armour, but I could highlight many more reasons, making a decision not to issue potentially life saving PPE even more controversial.

Corporate manslaughter and corporate homicide laws as well as health & safety regulations have been rewritten in countries around the world, in order to protect those who serve and risk their lives for others. The cost of facing potential legal action after a fatal or non-fatal incident and the real cost of injured employees taking time off would outweigh the one-off cost of body armour. Assaults on personnel who are not wearing body armour or other types of protective clothing also create bad publicity for the Authority concerned, not to mention the welfare of the person involved and operational problems resulting from the injured staff being unable to work.

The most popular argument against body armour I have personally come across is the concern about how it might be seen by the public when frontline employees start walking around in body armour. Well, I do understand that ‘perception’ is one of the most important issues within personal safety,

PPSS Hi Viz Stab Resistant Vests

PPSS Hi Viz Overt Stab Resistant Vests have become the public sector’s first choice of body armour because they offer exceptional protection from all types of edged weapons, but they also create an image of ‘being approachable’.

For me, domestic frontline employees dealing with the public should be doing their utmost to express themselves as peaceful ambassadors within their line of work using excellent communication skills (…which is not always reality we will all agree I guess). COVERT Stab Resistant Vests allow them to use their positive personality, diplomacy and negotiation skills to defuse a situation, whilst still being protected.

However, we do understand that certain professionals e.g. Police, Border Control, Immigration, Customs, Parking Enforcement, Trading Standards or Licensing Enforcement Officers need to be seen as ‘Authority’ or visual deterrent… hence many within these type of organisations prefer to wear OVERT Stab Resistant Vests or even HI VIZ OVERT Stab Resistant Vests which have recently become the public sector’s first choice.

Risk Assessments & Body Armour

Regardless of the outcome of any common risk assessment, the fact of the matter is that there is always an ‘unknown’ level of risk due to unforeseen circumstances. Ordinary risk assessments might often conclude in the verdict of ‘low risk’, however these often fairly basic risk assessments are based on technical facts or ‘on-hand information’ only, and as much as I appreciate them, they often do not go beyond these ‘available facts’.

A risk assessment dealing with the activity of an enforcement professional having to enter someone else’s property or deal with potentially ‘unhappy’ and frustrated or aggressive customers or clients can in my opinion, never ever result in low risk. The moment such professional walks through someone’s door or deals with often unfamiliar members of the public at another location, one can simply not know who else will be in the house or who else might enter the house at a later point.  What activities have taken place prior to your visit? Who else might be going to interfere or engage in your conversation or argument at a later point?  All of these issues and questions must have an impact when discussing operational risks, threats and duties and the potential issuing of stab resistant or bullet resistant vests.

Here in the UK it is as follows*:

  1. Employers are required to make a “suitable and sufficient” assessment of the risks involved in their business operations.
  2. When conducting the risk assessment the employer is required to consider “reasonably foreseeable” risks, and these risks would include the possibility of an employee in a confrontational role being assaulted.
  3. Employers are obliged to use “safe systems of work” which is why they must first do a risk assessment.
  4. If the risk assessment identifies the possibility of being stabbed as a significant risk then control measures must be designed into the safe system of work to either eliminate or minimise this risk.
  5. If, having considered all potential management techniques, the risk of being stabbed cannot be reduced below a significant level then the employer should consider the use of body armour – and will have to meet the cost of such equipment.
  • * above bullet points courtesy of Andy Farrall, Health & Safety Specialist

Good question… what would you do if you were driving a car and your petrol light comes on, indicating you only have a small amount of petrol left? Would you start thinking: Will I make it home or not? Some people would be willing to take the risk in this situation. In the workplace though, in my view, it is the duty of the employer to not allow their employees to take unknown risks on their own accord without the provision of equipment and training to protect them should they make a mistake in their own judgement.

‘Better safe than sorry’ and ‘Prevention is better than cure’ are two great sayings, making more sense within corporate health & safety than anywhere else. I hope you would stop and get some fuel, because you want to be on the safe side. You might have made it, but you didn’t want to take that risk. The bottom line is you cannot afford to break down. The fact that some professional’s activity involves a rather ‘unknown risk’ must urge key decision makers to remain at least open minded when it comes to body armour, stab resistant armor, body worn video solutions or additional training that can be made available.

‘Seat Belt’ Comparison

Recommending body armor does not mean we suggest you are in danger and neither does it mean you should get paranoid or scared 24 hours a day.  I simply say that you will have a higher chance of remaining unharmed in the unlikely, but nevertheless possible, case of something going wrong. Wearing personal protective equipment can be compared to wearing a seat belt when driving a car. We do not put the seat belt on because we believe we are going to have an accident today. We are simply acknowledging the fact that there is an exceptionally small chance that we might crash. Yet, if this chance becomes reality, you have increased the chance of survival by wearing a seat belt.

We at UK headquartered PPSS Group are globally respected and renowned experts in body armour for civil and homeland security agencies as well as other domestic frontline services, such as paramedics, hospital security, brand protection, investigation teams, civil enforcement teams and public transport professionals.

Should you ever have any questions in reference to body armour, then please do not hesitate and contact my teams, and in the strictest of confidence they will help you to the best of their ability.

Please call +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or email or visit: PPSS_logo_no_tag Take good care of yourself!

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Can Stab Resistant Vests Improve The Safety Of Parking Enforcement Professionals / Traffic Wardens?

Parking Enforcement Officers and Traffic Wardens are just some of many front-line professional often employed by local governments, and often subject to verbal abuse and even serious physical assaults.

Preventing the abuse and attacks and subsequent injuries on Parking Enforcement Professionals or Traffic Wardens has now become a real issue and task for many Local Governments.

Are you aware of the fact that hundreds of Parking Enforcement Professionals are being attacked every year here in the UK alone?

Did you know that work-related violence is a contributing factor to stress and absenteeism among staff costing UK employers £700 million annually.

So, do I think that concealable and lightweight stab resistant vests should be considered when  discussing and evaluating how we can effectively help protect these men and women?

Yes I certainly do, and I say this absolutely regardless of the fact that I lead a firm specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of such equipment. I say it because I genuinely and simply care about human life and I would stress that it is crucial to look after those who operate in a ‘higher risk environment’ and those engaging with potentially hostile, intoxicated, frustrated, depressed or aggressive members of the public!

We know that a person who is either intoxicated, simply has a serious dislike for the organisation you represent or aggressively disagrees with any decision you are about to make can overreact to anything you say or do.  A lightweight high visibility stab resistant vest will protect you in such case from any impulsive physical assault such person might commit (and possibly deeply regret the following day for the rest of his/her life).

This following image highlights that a body armour does not always need to look ‘authoritative’, ‘offensive’ or ‘confrontational’.  We live in a society where a high visibility clothing has become the norm for workwear for many professionals.  This type of body armour can be ‘fine tuned’ with the corporate badge highlighting the name and logo of a Local Government and a badge ‘PARKING ENFORCEMENT‘ can also easily be added to the back.

PPSS Hi VIz Overt Stab Resistant Vests offer certified protection from edged weapon as well as unrivaled protection form blunt force trauma and hypodermic needles!

Truly outrageous physical attacks on Parking Enforcement Officers have been revealed in data released by local authorities across the UK and many other countries.

Statements of enforcement professionals, such as the following, have been recorded for several research projects on workplace violence within parking enforcement:

“I’ve been assaulted several times. Been involved in parking for 30 years. I was attacked with a knife many years ago. I was also robbed at knifepoint of car park takings. Broken ribs/driven at/ punched/ spat at/ pushed around. Abuse is general, not from any specific age or gender. Lots of ancillary abuse from passers-by.”

Freedom of Information requests revealed:

  • Two female Parking Enforcement Officers in Durham were sprayed with deodorant before the cans were used as flame-throwers towards them.
  • On High Street, in Sedgefield, a member of the public deliberately drove onto the pavement so they could try and run a Parking Enforcement Officer over.
  • A Parking Enforcement Officer in Harrogate was told “you are such a ****” before being dragged alongside a moving car and held onto by a driver who was angry because he was asked if he had a pay and display ticket.
  • The driver of a black BMW in Ripon headbutted a Parking Enforcement Officer after telling him “he was going to do him” for issuing a parking ticket.
  • A lorry driver approached a Parking Enforcement Officer in Fisher Street car park, Knaresborough, and told him: “I will kill you if I ever see you out of uniform.”

I can only invite everyone interested in this subject to read the dissertation: “An analysis of the extent of workplace violence in the Parking Enforcement Sector: A study of violence and abuse towards Parking Enforcement Staff in Bournemouth” by Michael A. Thompson. It is a truly outstanding piece of research!

Recent statistics released under the Freedom of Information Act also reveal incidents of council staff in the UK being punched, bitten, head-butted, attacked with pool cues and even suffering sexual abuse. Many of these attacks have resulted in injuries bad enough for the worker to require hospital treatment and often surgery. The media is full of reports covering these incidents.. but the following is certainly only a very brief selection of the many incidents that have made the news:

Headlines & Additional Information:

PPSS Overt Stab Resistant Vests also offer unmatched protection from hypodermic needles as well as blunt force trauma.

PPSS Overt Stab Resistant Vests also offer unmatched protection from hypodermic needles as well as blunt force trauma.

We must admit these statistics and news of incidents are a stark reminder of the dangers faced by many public sector workers as they go about their work – often on relatively low levels of pay.

We will hopefully also agree that all of our public servants should feel safe to carry out their important work without the threat of physical and verbal abuse.

However, we also must accept the fact that the above can be classed as ‘wishful thinking’ and may well not be part of reality in today’s society… certainly not in certain parts of this country.

For this reasons appropriate and operationally sensible protection for these frontline professionals is something that needs looking at.

‘Protection’ should effective conflict management training, lone worker safety devices (tracking & alarm systems), radio communication and covert or overt stab vests.

Who else is at risk?

  • Parking Enforcement Officers are at risk of verbal and physical attacks from angry drivers who express their frustration and anger via unacceptable physical action, which they may well regret minutes later.
  • Environmental Health Officers – Enforcing regulations and policing the systems places officers at risk from violence as well as accidents at work… especially when working within ‘out of hours noise control’ or ‘fly tipping’ operations.
  • Trading Standard Officers – Visiting car boot sales and assisting police during raids against counterfeit equipment and traveller’s sides can be a high risk job at times. Some officer have been threatened by edged weapon, axes and even shot guns.
  • Licensing Enforcement Officers – Visiting nightclubs, taxi ranks, takeaways and other late night venue puts them in contact with intoxicate and sometimes hostile members of the public.
  • Housing Officers – Verbal and physical attacks from tenants, when discussing issues such as ‘rent areas’ or major disturbances.
  • Community Safety and Anti-Social Behaviour Teams –  I guess that’s somehow self-explanatory especially when looking at some of the run down states in this country.
  • Benefit Fraud Investigators – Professionals whose job it is to investigate those committing all types of benefit fraud… and often suffer from assaults when exposed.
  • Social Workers – Staff are often required to work at all hours, including late at night often in deprived and run down areas, dealing with individuals under the influence of alcohol and class A drugs.

To make it very clear, I am of course not saying everyone working for a Local Government is at risk of getting stabbed or brutally assaulted… of course not. This is of course depending on a number of factors e.g. are you working alone, time of work, location of work, and precise job responsibilities.  However I feel strongly that any public sector professional must have the right to be equipped appropriately.

I have stated it so many times over the past few years… but every time I speak to my staff I explain it again and again… we do not want to sell body armour based on the fear of our customers, we much prefer to explain that wearing a body armour can very well be compared to ‘wearing a seat belt in a car’.

We do not put the seat belt on because we believe we are going to have an accident today. We are simply acknowledging the fact that there is an exceptionally small chance that we might crash.. regardless of our driving skills.  We understand that someone else might be playing on his mobile phone, another driver could be drunk or simply not pay the required attention to the traffic, and such person CAN drive into your car… and it is without any question that you will have a higher chance of remaining unharmed in such unlikely, but nevertheless possible incident if you would wear a seat belt.

But we do not put the seat belt on because we believe we are going to have an accident today… we are not paranoid and scared or anxious. We are simply acknowledging the fact that there is an exceptionally small chance that we might crash. Yet, if this chance becomes reality, you have increased the chance of survival by wearing a seat belt.

Wearing a body armour is just the same…

Please also note that Canadian Parking Enforcement Officers are de facto Peace Officers. This means that assault on a Canadian Parking Enforcement Officer or Bylaw Officer conducting traffic bylaw enforcement is punishable under the Criminal Code of Canada as Assault on a Peace Officer and carries higher penalties than standard assault. Maybe this is something other countries can look into to ‘discourage’ other from assaulting these officers?

UK based PPSS Group is dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing of high performance bullet resistant vests, stab resistant vests and cut resistant clothing, in order to protect these domestic frontline professionals.

Please note PPSS Group is also the organiser of the annual LONE WORKER SAFETY Expo, taking place in November every year at London’s Olympia Conference Center.

If you feel we can help please call me or my colleagues on +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or email

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PPSS Slash & Needle Resistant Gloves… using Cut-Tex® PRO

PPSS Group’s new range of high performance slash resistant gloves: Model ‘HERACLES’

The 2015 range of PPSS Slash & Needle Resistant Gloves is being manufactured using our very own high performance cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex® PRO, offering tested and certified protection to those operating in higher risk environments.

As a manufacturer of some of the world’s leading bullet and stab resistant vests, we have been looking for new and ingenious fabrics and combinations of fibres to achieve the greatest cut protection possible, whilst still allowing you, the wearer, enough dexterity to perform all of your required activities.

After evaluating all facts and figures we feel that Cut-Tex® PRO, our in fact very own fabric is the ultimate choice for our slash resistant gloves models, offering BS EN 388:2003 Blade Cut Resistance Level  5 (the highest possible), Abrasion Resistance Level 4 (the highest possible) and Tear Resistance Level 4 (the highest possible).

It is also worth pointing out that all models are available with, or without BS EN 388:2003 Puncture Resistance Level 4 (the highest possible), something that is often of greatest importance to those frontline professionals who frequently come in contact with hypodermic needles.

PPSS Slash & Needle Resistant Gloves are now being worn by law enforcement, prison and private security officers as well as other homeland security and civil enforcement professionals around the world.

PPSS Group's new range of high performance slash resistant gloves: Model 'ARES'

PPSS Group’s new range of high performance slash resistant gloves: Model ‘ARES’

A while ago we have sent a pair of our superb ‘ARES’ model to, a U.S. based police training site dedicated to officer safety in order to conduct an independent test. The men behind go way beyond the basics of the law enforcement academy and offer officers the training they need to become safer, more effective cops. They decided to put our slash resistant gloves to the test in order to find out how good they really are.

They actually really tried to destroy them with a bunch of some serious tactical knives.  Well we didn’t expect anything less… in fact we thought ‘good on them’!

The conclusion they came to was that all slash resistant gloves, just like our ‘ARES’ model are thicker than normal average fashion or tactical gloves, and yes you do lose some fine dexterity while wearing them. However they made it crystal clear that in their opinion none of the gloves provided by our competitors (using different types of protective fabrics) were anywhere near as comfortable enough for constant wearing.

They felt the best use for slash and puncture resistant gloves is clearly when searching other human beings (especially prisoners or hostile members of the public during an arrest scenario) and cars, as there is a pretty good chance of running into something sharp, and this type of gloves can prevent a trip to the hospital for stitches and pathogen exposure treatment. Be assured neither are fun.

PPSS Group’s new range of high performance slash resistant gloves: Model ‘PALLAS’

PPSS Group’s new range of high performance slash resistant gloves: Model ‘PALLAS’

So, what good is a review of protective gloves if the party testing the gloves don’t pull out a knife (or in this case four of them) and try to cut through our gloves? Well, that is exactly what the guys from did.

As you can see in their video (check their website), the guys from took multiple swipes with different knives and our high performance slash resistant gloves did very well.

They used each knife to cut the palm side. All of the knives cut through the palm grip and non-protective nylon material easily. However, none of the knives penetrated the Cut-Tex® PRO fabric.

CRKT Triumph

CRKT Triumph

The final knife (the CRKT Triumph) did manage to break through the Cut-Tex® PRO lining from the back side of the glove. But, when we spoke to we all agreed that we cannot consider the gloves to be a failure. Just like bullet resistant vests, cut resistant gloves provide an exceptional level of resistance and protection… but a bullet resistant vest can be defeated too, that’s simply subject to the speed, the velocity, weight and several other technical aspects of the round being fired at the body armour.

The concluding reassuring statement by was as follows:

“The gloves withstood more than can reasonably be expected of them. I think the ‘ARES’ Slash Resistant Gloves by PPSS Group are a real high quality item that offer a brilliant and reliable level of cut protection. When viewed as a tool, not a magic solution, they are definitely worth the purchase.”

I can certainly live with this conclusion.  It is once again another great endorsement from frontline professionals with several years of operational experience highlighting that whatever my firm designs, develops and manufactures is ‘right’ and ‘good’.

The new updated 2015 range of our PPSS Slash & Needle Resistant Gloves features several new and upgraded models.  The 2015 PPSS Slash & Needle Resistant Gloves catalogue can now be viewed online click here

Please note that PPSS Group as well as PPSS North America Inc can only service minimum order volumes of 10 pair, but we are happy to put you in touch with one of our international distributors and their online shops.

In case you have any questions… please visit our global website email my team or call our UK based global headquarters HQ on +44 (0) 845 5193 953

Our U.S. based legal entity PPSS North America Inc. will look after our U.S. and Canada based friends and customers, so please contact us in case we can be of assistance. Visit email or call 800-928-4802

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Body Armour Can Help Protect Housing Enforcement Officers

Frontline Housing Officers charged with solving bitter neighbourhood disputes and delivering ‘bad news’ are at risk of being assaulted. In my professional opinion it is without question that lightweight and thin body armour can effectively help improve their personal safety.

Housing enforcement officers have always been at potential risk of verbal abuse and physical violence from members of the public.

Frontline housing officers carry out a range of highly sensitive work, such as collecting rent arrears and dealing with anti-social behaviour and sometimes very ‘intense’ neighbour disputes. They often have to deliver unwelcome messages, perhaps turning down a housing application, or a request for a repair which is the resident’s responsibility. I strongly believe that concealable or overtly worn stab resistant vests can help protect these professionals when being attacked by those expressing their anger via physical action.

However, recent reports also show the number of pre-eviction notices soaring by 26% across UK social housing.  In fact, one in every 105 households in England is at risk from repossession or eviction, new statistics have revealed.

Housing charity Shelter’s research found ‘hotspots’ around the country where the chance of family losing its home is even higher. In Nottingham and Luton, one in 60 homes are at risk, whilst in Salford one in 61 is threatened. In both Newcastle upon Tyne and Wolverhampton one in 63 homes is at risk.

But the area where the threat of eviction or repossession is highest is the London borough of Newham, where as many as one in every 35 homes is at risk.

Shelter’s helpline is currently taking over 470 calls a day, offering support and advice to homeless families and those fighting to stay in their homes. With housing costs soaring and welfare cuts continuing to take their toll, the charity is bracing itself for a record number of calls this Christmas.

But who is dealing with most of the tenants who are either genuinely unable to honour their financial commitment of paying the due rent and also those tenants who simply cannot be bothered to pay the rent and those who simply feel they should not pay anything at all…. society in general or indeed the government owes them one?

Who will the bearer of bad news, verbally engage with some potentially disrespectful, intoxicated and truly hostile tenants, and who will at the end have to take the necessary physical action of evicting the tenant?

In simple terms it will most likely be the Housing Enforcement Officer.

The question we need to ask ourselves is what can and should be done to create the highest possible chance of these housing officers coming home at the end of their shift… unharmed?

PPSS Stab Resistant Vests have become a real necessity within Housing Associations and are worn by frontline housing staff in several countries around the world.

In a survey of 200 social landlords carried out by the Chartered Institute of Housing’s journal Inside Housing, a shocking total of 8,898 assaults on front-line housing staff were reported between January 2009 and April 2012, but please let us not overlook those assaults that remain unreported for whatever reasons.

Here is just a very small ‘chunk’ of this great article:

The research also reveals the number of assaults that occurred between January 2009 and the end of March this year. There were 8,898 verbal and physical assaults reported by housing staff of the 223 organisations that responded to our requests – roughly eight a day across the UK.

Around 1,350 of those assaults against housing staff were physical attacks – more than one a day – with the remainder involving verbal abuse. Perhaps most worryingly, the number recorded has been rising year-on-year. In 2011, landlords reported 2,480 verbal assaults, which was a 13 per cent increase on the number logged in 2010. There was an even larger jump in the number of physical attacks recorded: 483 physical assaults were reported in 2011 – a 35 per cent rise on the previous year.”

Survey Results:

  • 64% of survey respondents who do not report all assaults say incidents are ‘just part of the job’
  • 84% of survey respondents have been verbally assaulted
  • 38% of survey respondents who have been assaulted did not report all incidents to their employer
  • 51% of survey respondents believe their employer is not always doing enough to protect them from assault
  • 8% of survey respondents have had a weapon used against them
  • 1% of survey respondents have been sexually assaulted

The following are just a few news snips highlighting serious safety problems to housing officers around the world:

There are a number of reasons a widely reported increase of assaults on frontline housing staff. Firstly, there is increased pressure on residents as a result of the global financial crisis and the difficult financial situation many are in. This causes stress, which, some people express via verbally and physically aggressive action towards anyone who they perceive as being unhelpful or ‘not understanding enough’.

Housing Managers, led by the Health & Safety Managers, will conduct internal surveys, revaluate risk assessments, potentially make lone worker security devices available and stress the importance of really good training in conflict management and conflict resolution.

I personally feel very strongly that all of the above is truly essential, especially efficient and effective training delivered by someone who REALLY knows what he/she is going on about is just crucial.

However, we also need to understand that a lack of adequate safety measures can put an individual at unnecessary risk, and cause unacceptable injury or harm. Stab Resistant vests have therefore regrettably become a real necessity within Housing Associations and are worn by frontline housing staff in several countries.

PPSS Stab Resistant Vests (Body Armour) offer the highest level of protection from edged weapon, hypodermic needles and blunt force trauma.  Weighing just 2.5kg and being just 5mm thin this type of personal protective equipment (PPE) has recently become an essential tool to combat workplace violence related injuries and even death.

PPSS Stab Resistant Vests are available as COVERT, OVERT or HI VIZ OVERT model!

Please view our following video:

Yes, I do agree… the risk of being shot or stabbed is not as high as some news writers might want to make us believe.  However, the risk of someone ‘overreacting’ to you or your colleagues because YOU are just in the process of disconnecting the water, gas or electricity supply, the risk of someone taking aggressive physical action against you because YOU are trying to collect money/rent that person is not able or willing to hand over, or the risk of some ‘overreacting’ and willing to harm you simply because you are not willing or unable to solve their long lasting dispute with their much hated neighbour is a very REAL risk!

PPSS High Visibility Stab Resistant Vests

When such situation arises and when such person is calling you all the ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ words in the world and is throwing the first punch… a body armour can make a real difference.

A body armour will allow you to focus entirely on two objectives… your escape or your defence of your head… because it will be your body armour that will take care of your vital organs, your heart, your lungs and your kidney… and everything else hidden within your rib cage.

I have written this article in April 2013 and of course many things have happened since. Today’s rather interesting, but not surprising news “One in three ‘behind on rent’ since housing benefit changes” is highlighting the fact that a third of council tenants are behind with rent:

  • “The TUC’s False Economy campaign made Freedom of Information requests to all of Britain’s councils; 114 responded. Data revealed 50,000 tenants had fallen into arrears since 1 April 2013 when the housing benefit changes came in.”

It is without question that Council’s Housing Rent Arrear Officers will have their work cut out dealing with these tenants, with some indeed being polite, respectful and reasonable… however some being hostile, intoxicated and abusive.

If you want to speak with my team about stab resistant vests… please call +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or email or visit

Take good care of yourself.

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World’s Toughest Cell Extraction Vest Hits Global Corrections and Prison Market

PPSS Cell Extraction Vest - offering NIJ Level III (stab + spike) protection plus absolutely unmatched protection from blunt force trauma injuries.

PPSS Cell Extraction Vest – offering NIJ Level III (stab + spike) protection plus absolutely unmatched protection from blunt force trauma injuries.

Cell Extraction Vests’ are designed to offer the highest level of protection to those frontline professionals engaging with some of the most hostile, brutal, vicious and irrational human beings on this planet… many of which have taken other human lives in some of the most horrendous manner.

When we decided to create such crucial piece of personal protective equipment it was paramount to first discuss all design and performance issues with Correctional Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Tactical Support Units (TSU) and other serving Corrections and Prison Officers tasked with responding to incidents, riots, cell extractions, mass searches, or disturbances in prisons, possibly involving uncooperative or violent inmate.

However, before I continue I want to say a big ‘thank you’ too all officers who have kindly taken the time to assist us and provide us with absolutely critical information and sharing some of their experiences.

There is no question about it, professionals like them have above all the moral right to be issued with the best possible personal protective equipment… and I do genuinely believe our latest PPSS Cell Extraction Vests are the very best.

PPSS Cell Extraction Vest - Open Neck Guard

PPSS Cell Extraction Vest – Open Neck Guard

Of course, I very much understand frontline professionals critically questioning my claim to have just developed what we believe is the ‘toughest’ cell extraction vest on the market. However, I would like to respectfully point out that we have already developed some of the arguably world’s best body armour, effectively reducing the risk of workplace violence related injuries and even death.

Every time we have done so we have also created specific, transparent and honest videos highlighting the incredible performance levels of our equipment and the fact that we truly believe in our own products. Now we have done it all over again!

The following video is a 7:45min LIVE video demonstration (witnessed by several well respected frontline professionals) highlighting the simply outstanding performance of our new ‘PPSS Cell Extraction Vest’, certified against the stringent NIJ 0115.00 Level III (stab + spike) standard… the highest stab resistance protection standard/level out there. The physical demos start @ 02:50min

This video not only highlights the incredible level of protection from makeshift edged weapons, shanks, razor blades, hypodermic  and tattoo needles (all weapons commonly found in correctional institutions around the world), but also the truly unmatched level of protection from blunt force trauma.

Blunt force trauma is – as its name would suggest – a severe traumatic assault in this case caused to the body with the sudden introduction of a blunt instrument used with great force. This can sometimes be caused by a kick, punch or blow, or by an attacker striking out at a victim with their hands, a large piece of wood, iron, or any item (fire extinguisher, chair, table, bricks etc.) that would cause heavy damage to the body or skull if impacted against them quickly. A great number of individuals who die from this condition do so because of the internal injuries they have received, which may result in nothing more than some exterior bruising.

ACA_logoWe fully understand that the protection of such injury is just as important as the protection from edged weapon and hypodermic needles, hence PPSS Cell Extraction Vest offer a previously unheard of level of blunt force trauma protection. This year’s ACA Conference (American Correctional Association) will see the global launch of this new high performance body armour at the Salt Lake City Convention Centre on the 16th – 19th August 2014. Please come to see us at exhibition stand #424.

Unique Features:

  • Rigid body moulded panels providing an exceptional high level of certified protection against stabbing weapons including knives and spikes in accordance to NIJ 0115.00 Level III (stab + spike)
  • Weight: Approx 7kg (16.5lbs) incl extensive neck and groin protection
  • Areal Density: 12.5kg (27.8lbs) per sqm
  • Panel thickness: 7mm  (1/3″) + foam backing
  • Body moulded collar parts providing extensive and complete wrap-around neck protection.
  • Design allows wearing the garment open and semi-secured in a state of readiness, to avoid heat stress and discomfort during periods of inactivity.
  • Design allows fully securing of the garment is extremely simple and fast.
  • Outer cover includes Molle webbing over the greatest possible area of the front and back.
  • Front opening means full securing of the garment is extremely simple and fast
  • Covers are made out of military spec Cordura® 1000D and include Molle webbing over the greatest possible area of the front and back.

Offering protecting from the following threats:

  • Blunt impact weapons, including hammers, clubs, bricks, snooker balls or light gym weights
  • High impact cutting weapons, including axes and machetes
  • Correctional facilities associated makeshift edged weapons
  • Heavy assault, including kicks and punches
  • Blunt trauma injury associated with all the above

Based on several reports and studies the ‘American Correctional Officer’ released a document a few years ago highlighting the fact that 33.5% of all assaults in prisons and jails are committed by inmates against staff, and that a correctional officer will be seriously assaulted at least twice in a 20 year career.

On 2nd August 2014 The Economist (a respected UK Newspaper) stated the following under the headline ‘Rough Justice:

“We are just waiting for a complete riot,” says an officer at a large prison in England. “For the first time I think we’re only in control due to the prisoners’ good will.” He has excellent reason to worry. Last year the prison service’s riot squad was called out 203 times—up from 129 in 2012. On July 26th inmates’ good will ran out in Ranby prison in Nottinghamshire as prisoners took over part of the jail. It took officers eight hours to regain control.

Our job is to design, develop and manufacture high performance body armor that will reduce the severity of the any potential injuries and the number of death within this demanding and challenging work environment. PPSS Group 2014

In case you have any questions… please comment on my article or visit our global website email my team or call our UK based HQ on +44 (0) 845 5193 953 PPSS North America Inc

However, our own new U.S. based legal entity PPSS North America Inc. will also allow us to look after our U.S. and Canada based associates and friends and colleagues in the most efficient and effective manner, so please contact us in case we can be of assistance. Visit email or call 800-928-4802

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Prison And Correctional Officers In Need For Stab Resistant Vests

"Rise on Assaults on UK Prison Officers"

Yes, for me there is no question about it… the rise of assaults on prison or correctional officers highlight a real need for high performance stab resistant vests.

Just a few month ago we had to read once again about the harsh reality of this so ‘little discussed’ profession.

“A Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska corrections officer was declared dead Sunday after being attacked by a teenage inmate early Friday morning. Baker was declared brain dead Friday afternoon and kept on life support until her organs could be donated for transplant”.

In the UK alone the news are just keep coming in:

Courtesy of Daily Mail (16th October 2013)

Please be assured, if you are a prison or correctional officer, we at PPSS Group respect you, we want to help you… and more importantly we genuinely care about you!

These are just a very few of the news snips of the past 24 months:

The following is actually a list of Canadian Correctional Officers who did not make it home at the end of the day… because one or several inmates took outrageously violent action in many cases: click here

We must understand better, and remind ourselves that we cannot change the aggressive behaviour of some prisoners. There is simply no doubt that a prisoner consuming drugs, illegal substances or self made alcohol can become hostile and violent within a split of a second, regardless of the prison or correctional officers excellent communication skill and calm personality.

The type pf weapon that can be found in correctional facilities.

At the end of the story an officer in such institution can be, and often is, the bearer of bad news e.g. informing the prisoner of any disciplinary, restriction of privileges, bad family news, cancellation of visits, or of the simple news that his/her cell will be searched… all of which can of course create all sorts of physical reactions… many of which a high performance stab resistant vest can offer protection from.

We also need to remind ourselves that prisoners have got plenty of time on hand to develop tools to carry out acts of that aggression.  The ideas to create make shift weapons, e.g. sharpened table and bed frame legs, shanks made out of plastic, shanks made our of porcelain, sharpened wood or pieces of mirror, and the idea of melting razor blades into tooth brushes and turning pens and pencils into weapon have not been developed out of 5 minutes of simple boredom.  These ideas have been developed following hours and hours of malicious thought processes, and even the very best prison or correctional officer can one day be on the receiving end of such ‘thought process’.

Just watch this brief video:

PPSS Covert Stab Resistant Vests, also offering unrivaled protection from blunt force trauma and hypodermic needles.

A publication of the American Correctional Officer once claimed that 33.5% of all assaults in prisons and jails are committed by inmates against prison officers. Please view here.

According to official statistics obtained by the Howard League for Penal Reform show that recorded assault incidents in prison in England and Wales have risen by 61 per cent between 2000 and 2009. Based on this statistic prison officers at Hindley Young Offenders Institution, the largest child prison in Europe, are particularly affected with assaults on staff up by an astonishing 967 per cent.

Here in the UK we all will remember the absolutely atrocious attack on prison officers at the Frankland High Security Prison in March 2010, almost costing the lives of two prison officers? This is not a country specific problem, but rather a serious occupational hazard across all countries that needs our urgent attention.

It is a simple fact that prison officers deal with some of society’s most dangerous, violent and unpredictable people on a daily basis and work in an extremely challenging environment… hence I suggest they have all the rights in the world to demand appropriate protection and the undivided attention and support from those charged with ensuring their welfare and personal safety.

I have asked myself this question many many times, is it not a really crazy fact that a police officer who deals with dangerous criminal individuals for only a very few minutes every day is by law required to wear anti stab vests… but most prison/correctional officers charged with supervising the very same individuals, potentially for a number of years, are not being issued with any type of protective clothing at all?

Many of you might say that prisons should be humane environments and prisoners should be treated fairly, and I am reasonably happy to agree with this… however, the officers need to be able to command respect and they should be appropriately equipped when dealing with individuals who haven clearly proven to be aggressive, violent and disrespectful.

I personally think we must urge everyone involved to reconsider our priorities here…. we cannot prioritise the well being of prisoners above the safety and welfare of prison/correctional officers… but following the news from a number of countries I very much feel this is exactly what is happening here as well as in many other countries around the world.

I genuinely feel that we should look after those who protect and serve much more than we have done in the past.  Yes, it is known to me that many government agencies face financial difficulties, and yes, it is not an easy task to get the balance right between issuing prison/correctional officers with blunt trauma stab resistant vests and also ensuring the prison officers continues to look approachable and none-confrontational.

PPSS Overt Stab Resistant Vests, also offering unrivaled protection from blunt force trauma and hypodermic needles.

For a number of professional reasons I have been part of many security related discussions with prison and correctional institutions in several countries around the world and please be assured it is without any question I do 100% understand all concerns raised.

In many of these meetings the ‘non-confrontational design’ question has always been the center point of these sometimes very passionate discussions…. but I always seem to come back to the same point, explaining that design and manufacturing capabilities have evolved so much over the past years. Concealable, thin and lightweight blunt trauma stab vests, extremely well suited for prison officers, are now available.

However, I can also confirm that overtly worn stab resistant vests have now been supplied to a number of facilities incl ‘Supermax’ prisons in the United States… and overtly worn body armour seems to be the way forward.

Based on our professional frontline experience and extensive research we can clearly confirm that an assault resulting in blunt forced trauma injuries is a more likely event within prison or correctional facilities, than an attack involving edged weapons or hypodermic needles. This also means issuing bullet proof vests would be rather silly and overkill.

Please view the following video of PPSS Blunt Trauma Stab Resistant Vests:

Blunt trauma, blunt injury, non-penetrating trauma or blunt force trauma all refers to a type of physical trauma caused to a body part, either by impact, injury or physical attack via a kick, punch or blow using a blunt object.  This is exactly the type of assaults our prison officer face around the world, and I strongly believe the prevention of such injuries has to be paramount.

It is without question, this type of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will reduce the risk of workplace violence related injuries… and should this fact not be at least be worth an open minded discussion?

Please comment on this blog if you wish to ask questions.  I also would love to hear from you if you are prison officer or if you are representing a prison officers union or association, regardless if you are supporting or opposing body armour within your facility or line of work.

If you want to speak with me or my team about blunt force trauma or stab resistant vests and how they potentially can help you within your line of work… please call +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or email or visit

For all U.S. and Canada based inquiries please be so kind and visit the website of our North American division email or call 800-928-4802

Take good care.


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Slash Resistant Clothing – Strongly Recommended By Assaulted Prison Officer

Slash resistant sweaters, shirts and other style of garments have become more and more a target of interest to those charged with the personal safety of prison and correctional officers all over the world.  The following explains where and when the idea of developing such personal protective equipment (PPE) was born.

PPSS Slash Resistant Homeland Security Base Layer... designed to offer concealable and effective protection to key arteries!

PPSS Slash Resistant Homeland Security Base Layer… designed to offer concealable and effective protection to key arteries!

On 8th June 2012 I had the genuine pleasure to meet proud ex-infantry soldier turned prison officer ( and now very close friend of mine) Craig Wylde the first time… just two years following the horrific assault on him by full time criminal and triple murderer Kevan Thakrar.

The above attack involving Craig took place on 13th March 2010 at Frankland High Security Prison here in the UK, and left him fighting for his life, after he and two colleagues were brutally assaulted by the above ‘idiot’.  Craig was left with a severed artery in his left arm after the incident, which has turned his life completely upside down.  I have spent a few hours with Craig and his wife in our first more ‘professional’ meeting, and had to witness immediately what an enormous impact this assault and subsequent injury had on this gorgeous young family’s day to day life.  It seems to be unbelievable, but nevertheless it is true, an ‘arm injury’ of this type can cause such immense level of distress, constant intense pain and test the strength of a family right to its core. Craig is currently reducing the amount of tablets he was taking in order to cope with all physical and psychological issues. The below image shows the open wound on the inside of his upper left arm, caused by a slash by Kevan Thakrar, using a broken bottle.

Craig Wylde’s cut/slash injury following the above attack in March 2010 at Frankland High Security Prison

Unfortunately it is a matter of fact that the personal safety and well-being of police officers is much more in the public eye, than the important service our prison officers do provide and the dangers these professionals face every single day.  Somehow this is a little understandable (but wrong), as the public is certainly more keen to see police officers patrolling their neighbourhood and giving them a certain sense of security.  Prison officers on the other hand a much more ‘out of sight’ end hence they do get forgotten a lot.  I don’t know, but can you see the general public discussing the safety of prison officers?  That’s a difficult one to imagine I guess.  But, don’t prison officers deserve at least the same support, attention and respect like other frontline public services?

Mt friend’s genuine desire to improve the personal safety of his colleagues has so far fallen on ‘not very perceptive ears’. Nothing  worthwhile reporting about has been done to make a difference to the safety of these professionals.  Yes, glass bottles have been removed from most prison facilities.. but you will be fully are aware of the fact that sharpened table/bed frame legs, ceramic pieces (broken off from hand basins), razor blades melted into tooth brushes and similar edged weapon are much more ‘popular’ than glass bottles?

PPSS Cut & Slash Resistant T-Shirts

Following the above assault at Frankland High Security Prison in 2010, we have developed several ‘low-profile’ protective garments made out of our very own cut and slash resistant fabric Cut-Tex® PRO!

I am talking about 100% concealable slash resistant tops that can be worn underneath a prison/correctional officer’s shirt, in order to reduce the risk of slash related injuries, rapid blood loss and the risk of the potential subsequent death of an officer.

PPE in general is not about ELIMINATING the risk of workplace violence related injuries… it is all about REDUCING THE RISK within an environment where a risk has been identified! So in this instance let’s all be honest for a minute or so, and ask ourselves the question:

Is there a risk of assaults on prison officers within high security prisons and correctional facilities?  YES, there is!

Is the risk high enough to warrant the general issue of some type of basic PPE? Yes, I genuinely believe so!

It’s very very similar to us wearing a seat belt in our car.  We don’t use a seat belt today because we know for sure we have an accident today. Neither do we use a seat belt because we are scared or paranoid, worrying that we might have a crash today.  No, not at all!  The reason why we wear a seat belt is that we do understand that we have a much higher chance of survival in case someone is drunk, plays on his mobile phone or is otherwise distracted and crashes into our car, despite our own great driving skills we might even be able to claim.

The seatbelt is ‘unlikely’ to save our lives if the other person hits us front on with a speed of 10,000 miles in hour.  However, it will ensure we survive the vast majority of all potential accidents… it is about REDUCING THE RISK!

Now back to the above question.  How much do we really care about others?  If my child is sitting on the back seat of my car I will make sure it is wearing a seat belt.  If any of my loved ones is sitting in my car I will also make sure they are wearing a seat belt.  If other people, in other cars, in other countries and on other planets decide they don’t like seat belts… that is their personal choice and I do not care!  But I must say I do have an issue with decision makers ‘not allowing’ their colleagues to wear a seat belt or in this case any type of PPE!

So… how much do we care about the personal safety of prison and correctional officers, and are we willing to make a difference?

Based on Craig’s opinion and our own operational understanding, based on personal comments we have received from dozens of his colleagues from around the world, and based on my (and my colleagues) many years of operational frontline experience within law enforcement and high risk security operations, we ALL feel that high performance slash resistant t-shirts could be a real sensible option and solution, which makes unquestionable operational sense and would not restrict the wearers movement or restrict him in his duties. We are genuinely convinced that the severity of the injury would have been significantly reduced if Craig and other officers during other attacks in other prisons in other countries around the world would have been issued with such slash resistant t-shirt.

Please have a look at this:

Would such slash resistant t-shirts or tops eliminate the risk of workplace violence related injuries?  No, it will not!

Will they reduce the risk of workplace violence related injuries?  Yes, this is 100% guaranteed!

PPSS Slash Resistant Clothingis made out of 100% Cut-Tex® PRO (a highly acclaimed hi-tech fabric) and is already being worn by hundreds of homeland security professionals around the world.  It has been tested to European, International and American cut resistance standards and offers previously unmatched cut, tear and abrasion resistance too.

Based on the particular product and garment design it is able to shield the following:

Cut-Tex PRO cut resistant fabric

I would like to invite you to re-look into what can be done, and what you are willing to do, in order to improve the personal safety of these professionals.

I fully understand we have to ensure they do not look confrontational, aggressive or authoritative, and I also understand that we live in a world where access to financial resources is restricted.

However, what has happened to my friend has now happened.  We cannot turn back the time.  But what we all feel so strongly about is that SOMETHING must happen, otherwise we will sooner rather than later look at another fatality within this sector, which could be prevented by the issuing of the right type of PPE.

The fact of the matter is (as sad as it might be)… widely available statistics will tell us that it is unfortunately only a matter of time until another prison or correctional officer will be attacked, beaten, punched, kicked or stabbed (as much as we all will hate this fact).  The statistics can of course not give us the name of the next person who will become part of this statistic… so our responsibility must be to ensure it is a) not our name, and b) not the name of our colleagues and employees. However, there is no question about it… it will happen. What will we/you have done in order to reduce that risk?

Please note we are also more than happy to offer our Cut-Tex PRO cut/slash resistant fabric to the manufacturer of your current uniforms or tactical gear or coveralls. This would enable them to incorporate this high performance material into your current uniform, especially vulnerable areas that really require such level of protection.  This would effectively help protect your colleagues from potentially horrendous cut injuries.

If you wish to comment on this blog… simply enter your comment in the below box or email call +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or visit

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BodyArmorUSA The New Online Shop To Serve U.S. Based Homeland Security Specialists

With immediate effect, BodyArmorUSA is our exclusive licensed distributor in the USA for our high performance bullet resistant vests, knife resistant armor and cut/slash resistant clothing.

BodyArmorUSA is a new online shop specialised to serve U.S. based homeland security specialists with some of the world’s best, lightest and thinnest high performance body armor.

Run by Benjamin Rakhman PPS, BodyArmorUSA fully understand all operational risks, threats and duties of those who serve and protect.

I am genuinely delighted about this new co-operation. I think it is without question, we have chosen a great and truly passionate online shop distribution partner for of our range of potentially lifesaving equipment.

PPSS Bullet Resistant Vest Model CV1 – sand colour

An exclusive licensed online shop distribution agreement covering the U.S. was signed recently, allowing BodyArmorUSA to also secure individual sales from individual homeland security professionals.

PPSS Group is a UK based company, aiming to effectively reduce the risk of workplace violence related injuries and loss of life by designing, developing and manufacturing only the very best protective equipment.

Already supplying police, border control, immigration, prison, customs and privately owned security firms around the world, PPSS Group’s key objective was to establish their brand in the U.S. and Benjamin Rakhman’s BodyArmorUSA will help us to achieve exactly that.

After having received numerous enquiries and orders from major companies from that part of the world PPSS Group have also decided to set up a new firm in North America.  The company will be called PPSS North America.  This firm will be run by Canada based, ex Royal and Navy Security/Military Specialist Bill Geraghty.

Precise details will be announced on 4th June 2014.

PPSS Group have launched one of the world’s thinnest, lightest and truly most exceptional concealable NIJ IIIA+ (NIJ 0101.04) bullet proof vests in 2011, with the personal safety of executive/diplomatic protection professionals and dignitaries in mind.

In September 2011 I decided to produce a video of me being shot by a Glock 19 from close range (using a 9x19mm FMJ 124gr live round) highlighting the exceptional performance of this great new bullet resistant vest.

Please view call 001-516-817-1666 and discuss any individual needs for our equipment with Benjamin Rakhman.

Individual & online shop sales only!

For departmental & company orders in North America contact:

We want to help!

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BitePRO™ Bite Resistant Arm Guards Can Protect You From Human Bites

There is no question in my mind… BitePRO™ Bite Resistant Arm Guards (using  100% Cut-Tex® PROcan very effectively help protect special educational needs teachers (SpecEd, SpEd or SPED) as well as mental health care professionals and other specialists within high secure hospitals.

BitePRO Bite Resistant Arm Guards can effectively help protect professionals specialising in special educational needs (SpecEd, SpEd or SPED), mental health care and those working within high secure hospitals.

  • According to The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, bite injuries represent 1% of all emergency department admissions in the United States!
  • According to an article by Helen Acree Conlon, MS, MPH, ARNP, titled ‘Human Bites in the Classroom:  Incidence, Treatment and Complications’ it has been estimated that at least one half of the population will experience some type of bite in their lifetime. Human bites are the third leading cause of all bites seen in hospital emergency departments after dog and cat bites. Human bites can be the source of exposure to body fluids, transmission of communicable diseases, infections ranging from cellulitis to osteomyelitis, and joint deformity from septic arthritis.
  • According to data released by the UK’s NHS Security Management Service, mental health care professionals are far more likely to be attacked than other health care workers with a total of 38,958 assaults in 2008-09, accounting for 71% of attacks on health care staff during that period. However, the percentage of which involved human bites is unknown.

Mark Perry, appeared close to tears when attending the NASUWT (largest teachers union in the UK) conference in 2009 and telling fellow delegates of his experiences with disturbed ten-year-olds in Wrexham, North Wales. He described that on one occasion he was bitten so hard that blood was drawn.

Another delegate, Suzanne Nantcurvis, a geography teacher from Llangollen, North Wales, said she knew members who had been forced to pay for immunisations and protective equipment. ‘Biting is quite a big issue in special schools and when risk assessments are completed it is usual to put in the control measure of a protective arm guard,’ she said. (taken from UK newspaper ‘Daily Mail’, printed 16th April 2009)

BitePRO Arm Guards can prevent such injuries

BitePRO Arm Guards can prevent human bite injuries, which can subsequently be contaminated with pathogens. Transmissions of potentially life threatening viruses, such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV

Debbie Townsend, Physical Intervention Training Manager of the Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust (UK) says: “Human bites can cause both physical injury, risk of infection, soft tissue damage and psychological distress to staff. Whilst our staff teams are usually aware of the potential for bites from records of previous incidents and preventative steps are taken, additional measure to protect staff from a bite may be beneficial.”

I suggest we can say that bite resistant arm guards are clearly ‘beneficial’.

What can be the effects of a human bite, and how can bite resistant arm guards help?

We are all too aware that bite related injuries can become infected and mental health care professionals, special educational needs teachers and others could subsequently be contaminated with pathogens. Transmissions of potentially life threatening viruses, such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV are also a part of reality, hence I believe that BitePRO™ Bite Resistant Arm Guards (developed by UK based PPSS Group) can help protect the above highlighted professionals.

BitePRO Bite Resistant Arm Guards 'Version 2' (usually worn underneath a blouse, shirt or jumper and offering a lower level of protection than overtly worn Version 1 arm guards)

Looking at the potential and realistic consequences, especially following a human bite, we must look at all possible options in order to help protect mental health care professionals, teachers within special needs schools and others working within challenging sectors e.g. autism and severe learning disabilities, from such consequences. These consequences in the very worst case scenario can include death, in case a serious and incurable disease has been transmitted.  

For these reasons, bite resistant arm guards have lately been issued to a number of professionals in countries around the world, successfully reducing the risk of workplace violence related injuries.

Please also allow me to point out that it is a very normal, natural and instinctive response when faced by a hostile to want to lift our arms and hands in order to defend ourselves and protect our head and facial area.  However, we must acknowledge that this subsequently exposes our forearm and hands to a higher risk of danger of arm injuries.

BitePRO Arm Guards - Version 4 (Full Arm Guards)

BitePRO™ Arm Guards Version 4 (full arm guards) will protect your entire arms up to the shoulders.

In fact the majority of injuries found on police or security guards can be found on their forearms or open hands.  These are classed as ‘defensive injuries’, indicating a person was defending himself rather than attacking the other person.

For me there is no question about it… cut and bite resistant arm guards will significantly decrease the risk of injuries and subsequently reduce the risk of infections and cross contamination.

UK based PPSS Group have now also launched an additional model of their ‘Version 1′ Arm Guards, offering additional (padded) protection from blunt forced trauma, protecting the wearer from the risk of infection following a human bites as well as effectively reducing the severity of potentially extremely painful bruising.

However, based on the many conversations I had over the past few years I can certainly confirm the main worry within most sectors seems to be the risk of infection.

Pleas take a moment and view our specialised online-shop, dedicated to BitePRO™ Arm Guards:

BitePRO Arm Guards:

If you want to discuss the potential use of bite resistant arm guards within  your rganisation, then please contact our BitePRO™ Arm Guards Expert David Hopper.  Please email

Take good care of yourself.

Robert Kaiser, CEO

PPSS Group

For intellectual property/copyright reasons, Cut-Tex PRO labelled products cannot be sold and delivered to Germany!

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