Covert Stab VestCOVERT Stab Resistant Vests (Concealable)

PPSS covert stab resistant vests offer unrivalled blunt force trauma protection and a previously unmatched level of protection from hypodermic needles.

PPSS covert stab resistant vests are also ultra thin and extremely light... in fact they are the thinnest and lightest on the market right now, weighing just 2.3kg!

PPSS Stab Vests - Key Advantages:

  • UK Home Office certified stab protection
  • Unmatched blunt trauma protection from a punch, blow or kick. Based on our professional frontline experience and extensive research we can only stress that an impact based assault is a more likely event than an attack involving an edged weapon or firearm.
  • Extreme protection from hypodermic needles
  • Please view our breath taking Stab Vests Video Demonstration
  • Ultra lightweight (2.3kg for Size L)
  • Ultra thin (using 5mm body moulded polycarbonate)

Covert Stab Resistant Vests - The Public's Perception

Please note that it is without question that professionals wearing concealable covert stab vests could be perceived as less confrontational, aggressive or authoritative, especially when dealing with hostile or intoxicated members of the public, in comparison to those wearing overtly worn body armour.

Wearing covertly worn stab resistant vests will allow you to defuse a potentially hostile situation, primarily using diplomacy, your personality and communication skills, while being effectively protected in case the situation escalates.

The covers of our covert stab vests are made out of high quality Cordura® and other high performance materials ensuring the highest level of comfort in even hot and humid condition. They are fully machine washable and the protective fillers can be easily removed within seconds prior to washing of the cover.

Available Sizes:  XS - XXXL (made to measure service available upon special request)

Available Colours:  Black or White

Other Styles Available:


YKK ZipISO 9001 Quality AssuranceCordura Fabric
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