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World’s First Slash Resistant Combat Shirt

Written by: Robert Kaiser

25th November 2015

Following a number of well documented cut and slash related assaults on homeland security professionals in many countries around the globe, PPSS Group have now launched the world’s first slash resistant combat shirt.

UBAC (Under Body Armour Combat) shirts are usually manufactured using a range of specialist materials – including lightweight, moisture wicking and breathable fabric – and are usually worn alongside the very latest in body armour systems, assault clothing and webbing.

PPSS Group’s UBAC shirt is different and absolutely unique in the world right now.

It is offering comfortable and truly exceptional cut protection around the arm area, side of torso, neck and throat area – protecting four key arteries from laceration, subsequent rapid blood loss and potential subsequent death.

Even whilst wearing the most modern type of bullet or stab resistant vests – the areas harbouring the extremely vulnerable radial artery, brachial artery, carotid artery, as well as axillary artery will remain exposed and defenceless.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group is keen to make clear why this product has been designed:

“We are on the receiving end of several incident reports and pretty graphic images, highlighting some of the most severe cut and slash injuries I have seen in my professional career.”

“The fact that most of these professionals wear an ultra-modern body armour has not made any difference to the severity of these injuries.”

“Body armour offers effective ballistic or edged weapon protection, but it does not provide any protection to the key arteries – and we know that the cutting or slashing of any of these arteries can lead to rapid blood loss and death within an extremely short period of time. The chance of survival in many cases can be zero.”

PPSS Slash Resistant Combat Shirt video demonstration

All cut resistant garments are being manufactured in the EU in an ISO 9001 strict quality controlled environment and are made out of our very own high performance cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex® PRO.  This fabric has been tested against all key European, American and International standards.

It is also worth pointing out our PPSS Group’s cut resistant clothing is also machine washable and has achieved excellent results in Dimensional Stability Test and Appearance Assessment.

All cut resistant clothing made by PPSS Group offers exceptional protection, whilst maintaining a very high degree of dexterity to the wearer. Including our newest brand CutPRO® cut resistant clothing, which is specially created for those in the flat glass and sheet metal industry in need of superior quality and durable cut protection.

Recent changes within health and safety regulations and the potential legal consequences of not complying with these strict guidelines has recently led to an increasing demand for such types of PPE from homeland security agencies around the world.


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