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ACA’s 144th Congress of Corrections Sees Launch of World’s Toughest Cell Extraction Vest

Written by: Robert Kaiser

PPSS Cell Extraction Vest

This year’s 144th American Correctional Association’s Congress of Corrections in Salt Lake City was recently selected by PPSS Group as the most appropriate platform to globally launch the World’s Toughest Cell Extraction Vest.

Robert Kaiser, CEO and owner of PPSS Group states:

“I am truly and immensely proud of my team. Their conduct, performance, genuine care, integrity and passion has been exceptional.”

“The feedback we have received from countless correction professionals from different states in the U.S. indicates once again what we do is right and good.  We are simply leading the way in the world of high performance body armour and we are saving lives in the process.”

This new Cell Extraction Vest has been designed, developed and manufactured with nothing less in mind than the protection of frontline corrections officers charged with responding to incidents, riots, cell extractions, mass searches, or disturbances in prisons – involving uncooperative or violent inmates.

Bill Geraghty, President of PPSS Group’s North America Operation and David Hopper, PPSS Group’s Senior Body Armour Expert who had previously served 12 years as prison officer in the UK

This high performance body armour is made out of rigid body moulded panels – an ultra-hard, durable, as well as very secretive material – and offers truly outstanding protection from edged weapons, hypodermic needles and above all blunt force trauma.
Bill Geraghty, President of PPSS Group’s North America Operation, who was leading the exhibition team at the ACA, is aware of the specific U.S. corrections market requirements in terms of performance and standards:

“H P White, the world’s most respected testing facilities have evidently confirmed that our new Cell Extraction Vest conforms to the very stringent American body armour protection standard 0115.00 Level III (stab + spike)”.

He continues: “I also must say that I am truly over the moon with the feedback we have received at the ACA. The live demonstrations delivered by my colleagues David Hopper who joined us after flying in from our UK Headquarters, and New York based Benjamin Rakhman were well received. Well, it is fair to say that it left several correctional professional speechless and in positive shock”.

Bill Geraghty at ACA Conference
Bill Geragthy in disucssion with one of the many correctional professionals keen to get their hands on a PPSS Cell Extraction Vest

Several Departments of Corrections from up and down the U.S. have expressed a serious interest to purchase the Cell Extraction Vest with the aim of ensuring their frontline officers are equipped with the very best of equipment out there.

There is no question about it, PPSS Group seems to have got it right again. Once again they have launched a new piece of equipment that will become invaluable in prisons and correctional facilities around the world. A piece of equipment the wearer can trust and rely on, no matter what!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact PPSS Group on +44 (0) 845 5193 953, email or visit
About Us

PPSS Group is a UK based company, specialising in the design, development and manufacturing of high performance body armour and other types of personal protective equipment and clothing.

PPSS Group is also the company behind Cut-Tex® PRO, a ground-breaking and one of the world’s strongest cut and slash resistant fabrics – now being used to manufacture protective clothing for police, military, emergency services and prisons all over the world.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group is globally respected expert in body armour. He is frequently invited to speak in front of large audiences about the latest body armour developments within homeland security and domestic frontline services – and is acting as consultant for a number of organisations, associations, unions and government departments.

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