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SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing Video

This SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing video is offering visual evidence of the truly exceptional and field tested level of cut protection our garments.

All of our garments are made from our very own high-performance Cut-Tex® PRO cut resistant fabric.  Please visit our online shop: 

Not often will you see a CEO being willing to slash himself with an ultra-sharp knife in order to provide visual physical evidence that his firm’s slash resistant shirts really work.    There are others who make claims we know are untrue, unrealistic and unreal.

However, remember, it is YOUR life they are willing to risk, and we at PPSS Group aim to conduct ourselves differently. We understand real operational risks and threats, and our protective clothing is reflecting exactly that.

SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing Video

PPSS Group, the company behind both the production of the finished garments, as well as the ground-breaking fabric.  PPSS Group is globally respected and specialised in the design,manufacturing and supply of cut and slash resistant clothing, as well as hoodies, tops, and jackets in order to help protect homeland security professionals, such as prison officers. law enforcement officers, private security professionals from laceration, potential rapid blood loss and even death.

This SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing video is featuring a brand which has been developed by a team with real operational frontline experience in governments, elite military forces, police and personal protection, and is respected by professionals around the world. Our aim is to reduce the risk of knife and workplace violence related injuries.

Slashing has become a regular occupational hazard for prison and correctional officers. The key function of slash-resistant clothing is to effectively reduce the risk of lacerations and protect key arteries. In some cases, attacks may be perpetrated by highly ‘skilled’ or trained individuals, who purposefully attack a vulnerable area to incapacitate an officer; others may accidentally slash limbs in a frenzied attack. The objective is that slash-resistant clothing prevents such injury and keeps the wearer of protective clothing fully operational, unharmed—and most importantly alive. This Slash resistant clothing video shows it can be done!

However, our high performance cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex® PRO is now also utilised within other sectors.

  • INDUSTRY: for the flat glass, sheet metal, recycling and other sector, please visit our CutPRO® Cut Resistant Clothing website
  • MENTAL HEALTH: for those professionals working within mental health care and are interested in the prevention of human bite injuries, please visit our BItePRO Bite Resistant Clothing website:




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