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BitePRO® Comfortable Scratch, Pinch & Bite Resistant Arm Guards

Written by: Robert Kaiser

BitePRO Scratch, Pinch & Bite Resistant Arm Guards effectively help protect special educational needs teachers, mental health care professionals as well as nursing and care staff from injuries associated to dealing with challenging behaviour.

According to Jeffrey Barrett (MD Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine), approximately 10%-15% of human bite wounds become infected, partly based on the fact that bacterial inoculum of human bite wounds contain as many as 100 million organisms per millilitre and is made up of as many as 190 different species.

“Human bites have been shown to transmit hepatitis Bhepatitis Cherpes simplex virus (HSV), syphilistuberculosisactinomycosis, and tetanus.”

The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology stated that bite injuries represent 1% of all emergency department admissions in the United States, which overall relates to a truly staggering figure.

Mark Perry, appeared close to tears when attending the NASUWT (largest teachers union in the UK) conference a few years back and telling fellow delegates of his experiences with disturbed ten-year-olds in Wales. He described that on one occasion he was scratched and bitten so hard that blood was drawn and he was left with a scar.

Another delegate, Suzanne Nantcurvis, a geography teacher also from Wales, said she knew members who had been forced to pay for immunisations and protective equipment themselves:

“Scratching and biting is quite a big issue in special schools and when risk assessments are completed it is usual to put in the control measure of a protective arm guard.”

Debbie Townsend, Physical Intervention Training Manager of the Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust (UK) says:

“Human bites can cause both physical injury, risk of infection, soft tissue damage and psychological distress to staff. Whilst our staff teams are usually aware of the potential for bites from records of previous incidents and preventative steps are taken, additional measure such as bite resistant sleeves, to protect staff from a bite may be beneficial.”

How can BitePRO Scratch, Pinch & Bite Resistant Arm Guards help you?

The good news is, the time for makeshift arm guards is over. Too many professionals have historically used improvised protection that we deem inadequate. They are offering inferior protection, they are uncomfortable or too cumbersome or heavy:

makeshift bite resistant arm guards

Looking at the potential and realistic consequences, we must look at all possible options in order to help protect public facing professionals at risk.

For these reasons, user friendly and comfortable scratch, pinch and bite resistant arm guards have lately been issued to a number of professionals in countries around the world, successfully reducing the risk of workplace violence related injuries, severe, infections and bruising.

BitePRO is the leader in this market. Our ‘VERSION 3’ Arm Guards are in our opinion the most popular and the most suitable design, backed up with countless of positive customer feedback.

Bite Resistant Clothing Arm Guardsscratch bite resistant arm guards

Please also allow me to point out that it is a very normal, natural and instinctive response (when in this case faced by a violent or distressed person) to want to lift our arms and hands in order to defend ourselves and protect our head and facial area.  However, we must acknowledge that this subsequently exposes our forearm and hands to a higher risk of danger of arm injuries.

Also, in the rare, but sometimes essential event of having to lawfully restrain a person, the mental health care, nursing, general care or special educational needs professional will also be exposed to a higher level of risk of being scratched, pinched or bitten.

In fact the majority of injuries found on police or security guards can be found on their forearms or open hands.  These are classed as ‘defensive injuries’, indicating a person was defending him/herself rather than attacking the other person.

bite resistant clothing

For me there is no question about it… protective clothing will significantly decrease the risk of injuries and subsequently reduce the risk of infections and cross contamination.

“In my field of helping people with disabilities, we often face daily challenges but with the peace of mind that our staff are well protected, we are able to attend to the needs of the clients without having to worry about becoming injured. So far through daily use of BitePRO Arm Guards, my staff have not been injured on their arms while wearing the sleeve guards and are completely satisfied with the high quality products.” – Sterling Barbosa – Valley Achievement Center, California, USA

Many of our international customers seem to love our ‘grab bag’ concept. The ‘BitePRO Grab Bag’ contains a range of Arm Guards and Turtleneck Jackets. Staff can choose from these bite resistant garments based on their operational need or requirements at the time. Purchasing the Grab Bag will save 20% on the cost of buying the contents individually.

Take good care of yourself

Robert Kaiser, CEO

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