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PPSS Group | Stab Vests UK Manufacturer

Written by: Robert Kaiser

The stab vests UK market is dominated by the private security sector, and all its professionals rightfully deserved higher levels of stab, spike, and blunt force protection. So, it was not a difficult step to take for PPSS Group to investigate how to further improve its body armour. The personal safety of those who protect us, our countries and infrastructure was number one priority.

After years of R&D and considerable financial investments, it was in 2019 when PPSS Group determined that carbon fibre was the company’s future’. It was agreed within the senior management that it was the only dependable and advanced long-term solution.

Black Stab Vests UK

They offer comprehensively field-tested protection from all those crazy weapons that make headlines in recent times i.e. knives, machetes, swords, meat clavers, razor blades, spikes, shanks, and hypodermic needles.

All carbon fibre stab vests produced by PPSS Group here in the UK now offer far superior levels of protection than most other mainstream body armour. Alongside significant weight reduction and reduced thickness, they also fully certified spike protection, which is without any question extremely important, simply due to the nature of edged weapons that can be found on the streets of the UK these days.

Certified spike protection is also vital to prison officers who frequently face extremely dangerous makeshift weapons, designed to cause maximum harm or take life.

PPSS Group’s recent product videos are certainly impressive and do give a ‘real life’ feeling on what levels of performance their stab vests offer. Some of those videos feature the company’s CEO being subjected to different rather real looking attacks that include several different edged weapons. These videos really are highlighting knife protection on a different level:

Stab Vests UK Performance Levels

Do you want to find out more about why we can identify a clear overall increase in knife crime?  Please read PPSS Group’s CEO article: “Global Rise of Knife Crime – Why?”

Feel also free to view their dedicated products page and be assured, PPSS Group can effectively help you protect your workforce, by simply offering you and your team the best levels of protection they need when dealing with the most realistic operational risks and threats every time they go to work.

In case if you have any questions about PPSS Group please contact them view their website.

Please also visit our dedicated website for SlashPRO Slash Resistant Clothing, offering ultra-dependable cut level 5 protection from cuts. A significant cut to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves can cause rapid blood loss, subsequent shock, loss of life or simply immobility.

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