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PPSS Group : New International Distributors Wanted

Written by: Robert Kaiser

UK headquartered PPSS Group announced today it is seeking distribution partners for its high performance stab resistant vests and its highly acclaimed SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing brand.

PPSS Group is already successfully supplying homeland and private security agencies, and saving valuable lives in over 40 countries around the world.

Robert Kaiser, the firm’s Founder & CEO said: “We have specialised and dedicated ourselves to the protection from edged weapon, e.g. knives, machetes, broken bottles, razor blades and stanley knives, sadly a vastly growing threat in today’s society.”

“The key function of stab resistant vests is to protect the wearer’s torso from any stabbing injury. The key function of our slash resistant clothing is to protect key arteries, blood vessels, muscles, tendons and ligaments from cuts and lacerations. The potential consequences of such injury could include immobility, defenselessness, rapid blood loss, subsequent shock and even loss of life.”

VIDEO 1:  Stab Resistant Vests

VIDEO 2:  SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing

It is a fact that slashing has become a real occupational hazard for public facing frontline professionals in recent times. Therefore, more and more correctional, law enforcement, border force, immigration, customs, counter terror, surveillance and security professionals seem to be looking into this fairly new type of protective clothing.

One of the most comprehensive research surveys of hospital admissions data in recent times concluded, that that 63 % of wounds previously attributed to a ‘stabbing’ injury, were in fact ‘slash’ wounds.  This is simply due to the attackers and victims’ motion and fast movements.

According to Robert Kaiser, both stab resistant vests and slash resistant clothing can effectively help reduce the risk of workplace violence related injuries: “We believe that those who serve our countries and protect us, and our infrastructure have the right to be equipped appropriately. In this context we deem our potentially lifesaving products as appropriate, and in many cases essential.”

Please contact PPSS Group directly in case you wish to discuss any potential distribution opportunities: 

About PPSS Group:

PPSS Group is specialised in the development, manufacturing and supply of high-performance personal protective equipment, offering unrivalled protection from edged weapons, blunt force trauma and even human bites. PPSS Group’s social media presence:

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