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5mm thin polycarbonate sheets, moulded to the upper body shape, offering excelling levels of stab and blunt trauma protection.


Covers made out of military spec Cordura® 1000D and include Molle webbing over the greatest possible area of the front and back.

Stab Protection

Tested & certified to CAST Knife Resistance Standard KR1

Tested Energy Level 1

24 Joules – 7mm Maximum Penetration

Tested Energy Level 2

36 Joules – 20mm Maximum Penetration

Blunt Trauma Protection

Excellent level of protection from a kick, punch or blow – or blunt objects such as piece of iron, chair, table, bricks, etc

Needle Protection

Excellent level of protection from narrower blades & hypodermic needles




Full Suit 8.5kg (18.7lbs) – based on large

Outer Fabric

Highly durable machine washable covers made out of Cordura 1000

Also available in fire resistant / flame retardant out material



Place of Manufacture



Stab Resistant Anti Riot Suits


The ‘Stab Resistant Anti Riot Suit’ is designed to protect professionals dealing with major incidents, public disorder, cell extractions, mass searches or serious disturbances in a multitude of hostile environments.

PPSS Group has liaised with Correctional Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and other serving Correctional and Prison Officers to develop the truly outstanding Stab Resistant Anti Riot Suit.

The unique advantage of this extremely durable body armour is its reliable and high level of protection from blunt force trauma injuries, often the result following a kick, punch or blow from any type of blunt object.

Please read our CEO’s blog: “Introducing PPSS Group’s New Stab Resistant Anti Riot Suit”

Product Code

  • #400332

Features & benefits

  • Lightweight Anti Riot Suit
  • Body moulded groin, shoulder, neck and limb protectors
  • Limb protectors provide extensive and complete wraparound support
  • Modular system allowing levels of protection to differ relevant to the threat
  • lndefinite lifespan (compared to Kevlar’s 3-5 year lifespan)
  • Full suit around 8.5kg (large)
  • Extremely comfortable to wear with outstanding maneuverability
  • Includes Molle webbing over the greatest possible area (front and back)

Providing protection from the following threats:

  • Blunt impact weapons – including hammers, baseball bats, pieces of iron
  • Large bladed items – including machetes
  • Makeshift edged weapons, shanks and razor blades
  • Heavy assault, including kicks and punches
  • Blunt trauma injury associated with all the above

Who is our Stab Resistant Anti Riot Suit suitable for?

  • CERT (Correctional Emergency Response Teams)
  • NTRG (National Tactical Response Groups)
  • Tactical Support Units
  • Prison Riot Teams
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