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CutPRO® Cut Resistant Clothing

Written by: Robert Kaiser

Cut Resistant Clothing

CutPRO® is a highly acclaimed UK based manufacturer and supplier of cut resistant clothing and workwear to the flat glass and sheet metal industry around the globe.

Our key objective is to reduce the number of cut injuries, especially during the manual handling. We will not stop until this goal has been reached.

Our 2023 product range is the result of in depth research and following consultancy with senior health and safety professionals, but also speaking with workers on the ‘shop floor’.  During this process we have developed countless valuable relationship with leading professionals in these sectors.


CutPRO® helps mitigating a realistic risk

Feedback received in recent years, extensive research and a clear understanding of your work environment was essential. We have designed and produced market leading and comfortable cut resistant clothing to protect your workforce.

We understand the temperatures between different production or processing facilities can vary and pose a challenge to comfort and breathability.  Our understanding of these challenges was invaluable during the design process.

We also understand accidents will continue to happen as long as human beings exist. However, appropriate protective clothing and workwear should be worn especially during the manual handling.  CutPRO® cut resistant clothing is appropriate.

cut resistant clothing factory image

All CutPRO® garments complyare fully CE marked and made from our very own highly acclaimed and thoroughly field-tested Cut-Tex® PRO fabric.

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) keeps highlighting the risks involved in your industry:

“…the handling of flat glass involves the risk of serious personal injury… HSE experience has shown that although the risk is higher in factories where flat glass is manufactured… serious accidents continue to happen in premises where glass is subsequently handled and processed… large sheets of glass are routinely handled using vacuum lifting frames, these can involve the risk of being struck by falling glass… appropriate protective clothing should be worn when glass is handled manually”.

Please feel free and contact us and we can help you establish the critical differences between CutPRO® cut resistant cand your current PPE.

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